The cantaora Rocío Bazán has chosen the Felipe VI Auditorium of Estepona for the absolute preview of ‘Intrépida’, his new artistic proposal, in which he shows off his great dramatic gifts in his most theatrical staging, combining texts from his flag and signs of identity. Will be the Sunday, November 7 at 7:00 p.m., with an approximate duration of 90 minutes.

The show takes its name from ‘The Intrepid’, the coastal ship whose crew was part Jose Fernandez, the grandfather of Rocío Bazán. The boat left the Estepona fish market until arriving at Triana, filling the food markets on the banks of the Guadalquivir with fresh fish. And once there, his great-grandfather listened every time the echo of the singers of the run them trianeras of neighbors.

It was there where he learned the air of the suburb por soleares, and also that imposing flamenco style. weeks before unparalleled, the bolt by seguiriya. José Fernández Cintrano ‘El Intrépido’ sang what he learned on many occasions in his hometown, thus becoming one of the most important Malaga transmitters of such solemn styles. His daughter sang them Manuela, Rocío’s maternal grandmother. Today, she also sings them on all stages of the world.

Dramatized ‘fearless’ It speaks to us of the strength of women who, day by day, must forge their cultural identity, in a world predominantly of men. For this it shows us a staging with the smell of salt, and accompanied by a flag crew, in a show directed by Emilio Ochando Talero.

The stage of the Felipe VI Auditorium will witness the world premiere of this work, with Rocío Bazán as main cantaora, Pablo Ruben Maldonado at the piano, Roberto Jaen to the percussion, and to the clapping, Manuel Valencia, Juan Diego Valencia and Juan Mateos. The show also has the narrations of Luis Mariano Lopez and the production of Victor Guarch. Tickets are already on sale on the auditorium’s website, and can be purchased online at the following link.

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