The Estepona Town Hall will approve the updating of the municipal inventory of goodswhich has been revalued by more than 130 million euros, as established by the Andalusian Property Law 7/1999, as reported by the Consistory on Tuesday.

The review of this document certify that the municipal assets have been revalued by more than this million euros in recent years, a figure that will increase in the coming days because the municipal technicians continue to review the value of other parcels and land belonging to the Consistory, have added.

The municipal inventory allows to know the patrimonial mass that a city has. In the case of Estepona, they have indicated that “its update has revealed the economic growth in which the city has been immersed since the modernization and transformation project was launched more than ten years ago.”

During all this time, they have pointed out that “the city has been endowed with a public equipment series that have revalued the parcels in which they are located. This is the case of the land where projects such as the Felipe VI Auditorium, the Athletics Stadium, the Mirador del Carmen or the new Town Hall have been carried out”.

On the other hand, the Consistory has carried out in this time “a enhancement policy, through concessions, of municipal land that was in disuse or underutilized”. This is how they have been used for the development of educational centers, commercial establishments or sports complexes ”, they have pointed out.

As they have highlighted, “all of these have contributed to generate employment and revitalize different areas of the city, in addition to the fact that the City Council receives a canon for the exploitation of the different plots”. In turn, all these executed projects “will revert to the Consistory as the terms of the different concessions end.”

Another of the reasons that have an impact on this revaluation of municipal heritage has been the actions that have been carried out in different parts of the city to improve road connections, create new green areas or provide new public facilities that have led to the revitalization of the different sectors of the city of Estepona.

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