Agents of the National Police have arrested a 37-year-old Spanish man in Marbella, as alleged perpetrator of a robbery with violence and intimidation. The arrested man posed as a delivery man, calling the victim’s home with the excuse of delivering a package. When the injured man opened the door, he was surprised and threatened with a firearm. The victim fled the scene in search of help, while the thief entered the house to steal various effects. Finally, the assailant was arrested when he tried to leave the place.


The events occurred on last monday, august 16, minutes before 9:00 p.m. A man who was in his home, in the company of his son, was requested at the door of the building by an alleged parcel deliveryman.

The courier, with the excuse of delivering a package, got the owner to open the door, taking advantage of that moment to threaten him with a firearm and gain access to the house. The victimInstinctively, he fled the place in search of help, locating the concierge of the urbanization who gave notice to the CIMACC-091 –Intelligent Center for Command of Communication and Control-.

Subsequently, he returned to the building where his son was also, who told him that the author had fled the place on foot, having taken various belongings from inside the safe.

In parallel form, a police patrol an interview with the applicant – community janitor – who provides characteristic data on the alleged perpetrator, who had left the community compound by scaling a wall.


Thus, in a police device established in the vicinity of the house, the agents managed to locate and arrest the alleged perpetrator of the events, a 37-year-old Spanish male. In addition, the weapon used -which turned out to be simulated- was intervened and the effects stolen from the victim were recovered.

The detainee and the proceedings carried out have been made available to the Court Instruction Department of Marbella acting as Guard.

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