The National Police has, since last year, police specialized in Air Safety and Protection in Malaga, and one of its main missions is related to the boom in the use of drones in different areas, including the playful or recreational.

These agents are in charge of verifying that the flights, both professional and recreational, are developed complying with aeronautical regulations. In the same way, they try to detect those flights that violate the law and that may pose a safety hazard. For this they have systems called Counter-UAS (C-UAS) composed of a detection device capable of revealing the flight of a drone in a radius of about five kilometers and a neutralization device that cancels radio frequency signals that the drone receives.

Despite the efforts of the State air safety agency and from other institutions to promote regulations on the use of drones and their safe use, flights, usually recreational, continue to be detected that do not comply with aeronautical regulations, endangering the safety of the rest of the manned aircraft that use the airspace, as well as people and goods.

The entry into force of the new European UAS (Unmanned Aerial System) regulation affects all drones regardless of their use -recreative or professional-, and requires compliance with a series of minimum requirements to perform before flying any drone. The weight of the drone, the presence of people and the proximity to buildings, condition its flights and the types of risk.

On the other hand, all users who intend to fly a drone have the obligation to register as “operators” in the electronic headquarters of AESA (State Agency for Aviation Safety), and take a minimum training.

A drone is not a toy

The National Police insists that people who want to use their air vehicles, first of all, inform themselves through the AESA website and the website about the existing regulations and requirements. Under the law, sanctions could lead to fines of 60 to 4,500,000 euros depending on the type of operation.

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