The body of agents of the National Police has been investigating a new and complex bank fraud technique in which they are used fake SMS messages Y phone calls, apparently coming from victim’s bank, to perform the scams.

The modus operandi consists of receiving SMS messages in the form of alerts, a priori from the financial institution of which the victim is a client, with this text: «We have detected suspicious access attempts to your account. You must activate your web security system or your account will be blocked«. Along with this text, the victim will find a link which appears to redirect the individual to their bank, but which actually leads to a page where it is requested signal bank and personal details, the username and password for online access to the bank and a telephone contact. Finally, it is advised that a call to verify the process to a better security in the account.

When the cybercriminals have obtained the data they needed, they call their victims posing as employees of your bank. Many times the call will present a legitimate bank phone number, but it is actually a fake contact. In order to give the deception more credibility, scammers they will talk to the victim and they will explain what data must of share with them and what steps they will have to follow. In this way, criminals will end up obtaining the absolute control of the bank account of the victim.

From the National Police invited to hang up Y to call directly to bank contact number in case they exist doubts about authenticity of such a call. Citizens are also advised to never share secret keys or personal data Through any channel, as financial entities will communicate with their clients in case of needing any kind of verification, but they will never ask the client to provide bank details over the phone.

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