The new parking lots in Mijas built in the population center of Las Lagunas, such as the El Juncal and La Candelaria parking lots, register a 80% of users accessing facilities on a rotating basis free or low the system of one euro a day, while the remaining 20% ​​has reduced municipal rates, as announced on Thursday by the Councilor for Facilities and Energy Management, José Carlos Martín.

As detailed by the mayor in a balance of the infrastructures, “the parking municipality of La Candelaria you have completed your first steps opened with good resultswhich are added to those obtained by the El Juncal car park, whose doors opened last December also in Las Lagunas”.

Martin has pointed out that both car parks “are operating normallyboth in the collection of rotating users as well as subscribers with a fixed seat”.

In terms of rotation, the first deputy mayor highlights that “about 80% of the vehicles that have entered in the car parks they have been less than an hour, which is free, or between one hour and nine hours of parking, which costs one euro; the remaining 20% ​​have stayed more than nine hours and have benefited from the reduced municipal rates established by the Mijas Town Hall”, he assured.

More and more residents are parking their cars in these spaces, so the Mijas councilor has assured that “the parking of El Juncal already has 106 subscribers of the 130 that we had plannedmore than 81%, a very high percentage of subscribers, especially in a car park with 160 spaceswith which we are satisfied that little by little users are seeing the great advantages of being able to have a subscriber space or to park their vehicles in them at a certain time and more so with such good rates”.

As for La Candelaria, Martín recalled that only a month has passed, but “the response is also very good and goes along the same lines, since we have 109 subscriber places, although we still have a long way to go to reach Juncal levels, which will be carried out over the weeks”. To conclude, José Carlos Martín recalled that “the two car parks have already completed the subscription period of parking for the residents of the zone of influence, so that any citizen of Mijas can request a place”.

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