The Urban Planning and Sports delegations, in coordination with Youth and Festivals, report on the start of the project to transform the fairgrounds located on the Manilva river road into a leisure area.

After the signing of the start of these works, which have an investment of 193,372 euros, the repair of the pavement areas that are in poor condition is already being carried out to then proceed with the painting of the sports areas with which this space of more than 11,000 m² of surface.

Once the sports areas have been delimited, equipment such as baskets, goals, nets, etc. will be installed. so that they can be dismantled, since the intention is that other events such as the August Fair or concerts, among others, can be held on the premises, and thus be able to make the most of this space.

Apart from the car park, which is not affected by the project, we will find an area for a kiosk, traditional games areas, dodgeball, handkerchief game, cycling gymkhana, skate park, volleyball, calisthenics, skating, two tennis courts , two basketball courts, two futsal courts and a bike lane, all surrounded by the athletics track.

Marcos Ruiz and Manolo Gil, councilors of Urban Planning and Sports, together with the area director, Pilar Zúñiga, have visited the area in which action is already being taken once the urban problems have been solved so that the 4.5-hectare plot passes to be owned by the municipality, being able to invest in it to improve it.

The municipality will add another attraction to the existing ones for the enjoyment of the neighbors and people who visit us.

The municipal officials also report that the company Gestiona is in charge of carrying out these tasks, which will be completed by the end of this year.

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