The ONCE daily draw has once again given his greatest fortune to the province of Malaga for the third consecutive day. On Tuesday it was 745,000 euros in Antequera, on Wednesday 815,000 euros in Malaga and this Thursday another 815,000 euros, this time in San Pedro de Alcántara, in Marbella; in addition to 35,000 euros in Malaga.

Three of three and three in a row. The new ONCE coupon, which offers a jackpot of half a million euros, has three days in a row leaving his luck in Malaga. David Ramireza seller for only five months, brought luck to his neighbors in San Pedro de Alcántara with the graceful series with half a million euros and nine winning coupons with 35,000 euros, for a total of 815,000 euros, the same amount distributed the day before at the Huelin Market in the city.

Ramírez, who is severely visually impaired, has his point of sale located on Córdoba street. “I haven’t slept all night, today I have some dark circles under my eyes,” he admits proudly, adding that the satisfaction “is enormous, because of the people, above all, because of the happiness of the customers, and because, even though they haven’t touched them, they make me happy, that joy is contagious. And for me as a seller, I’m selling hope”.

“Distributing happiness is a double satisfaction; for those who have touched them and, indirectly, for the rest of the fellow sellers, that the benefit is mutual – he affirms -. This is a pull, I hope he will give more big prizes againwhich is his thing.”

For your partJosefa Gómez also sold a coupon awarded with 35,000 euros in Atarazanas, in the capital of Malaga. The same draw has distributed 175,000 euros in Jaenwith another five coupons awarded with 35,000 euros, which Antonio Morales, a seller since last December, has sold in the Ben de Saprut area of ​​the capital of Jaén, for which, in total, ONCE distributed this Thursday 1,025,000 euros between the provinces of Malaga and Jaén. The rest of the prizes have gone to Asturias and Cantabria.

The Thursday’s draw was dedicated to Biodiversity, under the motto ’30 years protecting the natural heritage with Red Natura 2000′, within the monographic series that ONCE has dedicated from Monday to Thursday to the Environment Week to make all citizens aware of respect and care for the environment.

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