The ONCE weekend draw this Saturday has left two Salaries endowed with 2,000 euros per month for ten yearswhich add up to a total of 240,000 euros, one in The Cove of Mijas and another in Huelva. In addition, he has distributed half a million euros between the provinces of Malaga, Huelva and Córdoba.

In the province of Málaga, Diego González, an ONCE vendor since last year, gave this prize only eleven days after having given another prize of 100,000 euros with the ONCE Cleopatra Scratch Card, also in La Cala de Mijas, last day. 8.”I feel joy, satisfaction, pride and happiness“He said as soon as he found out that he had returned to give fortune to one of his clients.

“When I gave the Scratch I said that my dream was to continue giving prizes and now I give this one. Since then sales have increased -he admits-, so I hope they all buy me Christmas now in case I give it too“, Add.

while, in Huelvait has been Ángel Omella who has distributed the same Salary of 240,000 euros in ten years, on Ruiz Picasso avenue in the Huelva capital, as reported by ONCE in a statement.

The draw for this Saturday, which It was dedicated to the 50th Anniversary of the Bellvitge University Hospital, in Hospitalet de Llobregat, has left another coupon awarded with 20,000 euros in the Cordoba town of Fernán Núñez, for which, in total, it has distributed half a million euros in jackpots among the provinces of Malaga, Huelva and Córdoba. The rest of the prizes in the draw on Saturday 19 have gone to Catalonia and the Community of Madrid.

The Weekend Salary de la ONCE offers, every Saturday and Sunday, a five-figure main prize and a series of 300,000 euros, plus 5,000 euros per month for 20 consecutive years with a single coupon. And prizes of 2,000 euros per month for ten consecutive years, to another four coupons.

For his part, he eurojackpotthe European raffle that ONCE sells in Spain with 17 other countries of the European economic area, will offer this Tuesday, November 22, a jackpot of 32 million euros.

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