Malaga has been one of the awarded points in the ONCE Mother’s Day Extraordinary Draw, which has distributed two million euros in various Andalusian provinces. The graceful locality of Malaga has been Estepona, where a winning coupon of 40,000 euros has been sold.

The number graced with the Mother’s Day Extra has been the 16,319 (series 98). Specifically, the winning coupon in Estepona Eusebio Castellano sold it in a bar on Andalusia street, as detailed by ONCE in a statement. In addition, the weekend draw has brought a Salary of 2,000 euros per month for 10 years, which adds up to a prize of 240,000 euros, to the Sevillian municipality of Marchena.

Andalusia has been the luckiest autonomous community with the Extraordinary Draw for Mother’s Day held this Sunday, with two million euros in prizes among the provinces of Seville, Cordoba, Jaen, Almeria and Malaga.

Seville has been the luckiest more than one million euros distributed between the Andalusian capital, Carmona and Los Palacios and Villafranca. In the Andalusian capital, José Martín, ONCE vendor since 2014, has sold ten coupons awarded with 40,000 euros each, at his point of sale located in Plaza de Pino Montano. “I am very happy. If it has touched people who need it, the better -he pointed out- proud and happy to be able to help people who need it, especially now that it is so lacking, and also with the Mother’s Extra which is always a joy.”

Isabel Muñoz, who will complete her first year as an ONCE salesperson in July, sells on the Utrera-Los Palacios highway, where she has distributed 280,000 euros with seven coupons awarded 40,000 euros at five figures in the town of The palaces Y Villafranca. “I am wishing that it has touched people who really need it”, she has affirmed. “I am very happy to have given it because it is very exciting, for me and for my clients. I have spent a long time without knowing what was happening to me since it is a lot of money, and that joy spreads to the whole town” , he said “with suppressed emotion”.

“That gives life, encourages, and maintains the illusion that is what we give. It is something very beautiful, very beautiful. There is no one who can take the smile off my face,” added the vendor of the palatial town. Also in CarmonaFrancisco José Jiménez has sold nine coupons awarded with 40,000 euros each, and Josefa Arana another coupon in Two sisters.

In Cordova, Rafael Cobos has distributed 4,000,000 euros with ten coupons awarded with 40,000 euros. Cobos sells at the doors of the Quirón Clinic and also at the Zoco Shopping Center in the Cordovan capital, depending on the day, so he does not know for sure where he has given the prize. “I’m very happy for the lucky ones, it’s great, great,” he assured as soon as he found out that he had given a part of the Mother’s Extra to his clients. “A lot of people pass through there. The prize has been able to go to half of Spain, but it’s a joy, giving prizes is always giving a joy,” he said.

In Linares (Jaen), Concepción Domenech, affiliated with ONCE, a vendor for 34 years, has distributed another 400,000 euros in the Alcampo shopping center in the town of Jaén. “I haven’t slept much. You feel a lot of joy because it was necessary for Linares, that here things are quite complicated and this also gives a lot of encouragement to the people, and for those who have had it, a very good joy”, he acknowledged.

The rest of the autonomous communities irrigated with the fortune of Mother’s Day extra from ONCE they have been Exremadura, Cantabria, Catalonia, Galicia, Community of Madrid and the Valencian Community.

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