The Marbella opposition parties have requested this Tuesday explanations and to know summary of the court case carried out by the National High Court on a network established on the Costa del Sol, in which Lars Gunnar Sune Broberg is allegedly involved, the husband of the mayor, Ángeles Muñozwhich is “prosecuted” for alleged crimes of belonging to a “criminal organization” Y “money laundering from drug trafficking. a procedure that has been stopped due to the physical and mental deterioration that it suffers. Meanwhile, the councilor has disassociated the case from municipal management.

The PSOE: “it shocks and scandalizes us”

The spokesman for the municipal socialist group and secretary of organization for the PSOE of Malaga, José Bernal, has pointed out that “we are shocked and scandalized, as we have seen in the press, that the indictment confirms the existence of relations between the criminal organization and the administration, or that we have learned today that in the summary there are conversations between people with close relationship with the City Council of Marbella, Benahavís and with the Muñoz family”.

Thus, he pointed out that from the PSOE “we are respectful of the action of justice, but we are going to take two measures.” The first is “asking Ángeles Muñoz to explain that part that is picked up in the car and that says that the people prosecuted in this case had “good relations with the administration”and the implication of certain names that appear in the case, related to the City Council”.

Secondly, “and picking up the glove that Mrs. Muñoz threw down a year and a half ago, we are going to request summary of the case”, recalling that the councilor “said that when the summary secret was lifted, everything would be black on white”.

IU asks Juanma Moreno for explanations

For his part, the general coordinator of IU in Andalusia, Toni Valerohas requested this Tuesday to the president of the Board, Juanma Moreno, that “can’t keep looking the other way when -supposedly- corruption splashes his party”, highlighting that “he has to give explanations, and give them as soon as possible about what is happening again in the City Council of this town”.

Valero has stressed that “both the husband and the stepson of the mayor of Marbella, Ángeles Muñoz (PP), are being prosecuted for allegedly being part of a mafia plot that he has dedicated himself, among other issues, to laundering money from drug trafficking and that in that order the suspicions of the influence of this mafia plot in the policiesdecisions and tenders of the Marbella City Council”.

To this he has added that supposedly the councilor has economic activities more than questionable, let us remember that it has accounts in tax havens and that she is enjoying a wealth of millions that in this case comes from her husband and, therefore, may be the result of that money laundering”, pointed out the Andalusian coordinator.

The mayor of Marbella: “There is no involvement within the municipal sphere”

The mayor declared this Tuesday that “there is absolutely no involvement within the municipal sphere, there is absolutely no involvement of me as mayor and my husband, who apparently is the only one in whom they have a special interest, is out of the procedure. “I would have liked it, and I’m sure he would too, whoever could have arrive and conclude and have defendedbut is out of procedure”, has stressed the municipality, who has highlighted that “from here, therefore, the discussion of this matter ends”.

“As much as in this case the Socialist Party and some media try to distort reality, there is an absolutely clear issue and with this we stop talking about the process, because there are many important things within municipal management, and of course they are not going to cause us to vary our work agenda by a single millimeter ”, has asserted the first mayor. “Not even my husband is in the procedurenot even the City Council has absolutely nothing to do with it, nor of course me as mayor”, underlined the councilor, who has warned that “if they continue to insist” she will go to court.

According to the indictment of the case, to which this newspaper has had access, the concluded instruction determines that it is “a criminal organization led by citizens of Swedish nationality settled in Spain, with members of German and Polish nationality, dedicated to drug trafficking, mainly hashish and marijuana”, and in which the Swedish businessman is declared as “prosecuted” along with 26 other people involved in the case.

Criminal organization and laundering of drug trafficking

The Anti-Drug Prosecutor of the National High Court and the investigating judge indirectly attribute to the Swedish businessman the alleged crimes of “criminal organization” and “Money laundering from drug trafficking” for participating “actively” in the network, adding both a sentence that could reach 14 years in prison. These accusations also fall on his son, Joakim Peter Broberg, who according to the document “holds the role of head or administrator of the organization”, in addition to attributing a crime against public health to the latter.

Swedish businessman Lars Broberg – Joakim’s father and husband of the councilor – appears involved in operations that the order details to “introduce illicit profits from drug trafficking into the legal economic circuit”, which “directs and coordinates” his son . Specifically, he is supposedly related to “the constitution of shell companies”. In this way, the document points out thatn the summer of 2019 “the company is created Altario Investment SL for the opaque real estate operations carried out by those investigated and directed by Joakim Broberg, and with the knowledge and supervision of his father, they would have created a new company through interposed persons.

Also, Muñoz’s husband appears linked to the alleged acquisition of the farm “El Herrojo 119”, located in the municipality of Benahavís, through a system that encompasses “funds obtained from a loan granted” by an entity located in Bermuda to a company incorporated in 2015 and the subsequent “share transfers”, sale, “traffic of currency” or with what “the construction of the luxury house would have cost”. In total, the “laundered amount is 2,009,820 euros” in the period between 2017 and 2021.

In the framework of the investigation, and as published eldiario.eyes, the investigating judge has arrested on proceedings against Lars Broberg due to his state of health and the “physical and mental deterioration” he suffers, being one of the defendants to whom he imposed “a bail of 25 million euros to “ensure the pecuniary responsibilities that may arise from this case.”

The car highlights the relationship of Muñoz’s stepson with another defendant with whom he is “economically associated” and who appears only “at the head of business”, obtaining “essential support from Joakim in real estate and consultingand who through their contacts facilitates meetings with people who perform public functions or exerts its influence over certain officials to obtain necessary information in the context of their criminal activities.”

In addition, in the case is “processed” a Marbella local police that would have facilitatedrestricted information exclusively for police use at Joakim’s request, and in exchange for cash”, as well as from the conversations it appears that in the aforementioned consultations “other unidentified third parties also participate and that they would also receive a part”. The agent is accused of an alleged “crime of bribery” with a prison sentence of three to six years.

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