The opposition parties of the Municipal Corporation of Marbella have asked the mayoress of the Popular Party (PP), Ángeles Muñoz, “explanations” for his assets or his “resignation” after updating her declaration of assets in the Senate in the midst of a storm due to her husband’s case and learning that the National Court has issued preventive embargoes on some properties of a company of which the councilor is a “sole partner”.

Thus, the spokesman for the Spanish Socialist Workers’ Party (PSOE) of Marbella, José Bernal, has highlighted the assets that Muñoz has declared to possess in the Upper House, which the councilor has to give “convincing explanations of how he has achieved that heritage”, claiming in relation to a program broadcast on the Sixth last week, in which the first mayor intervened, that “nobody believes that in 6 years as a family doctor, 12 million euros can be amassed of real estate assets”.

“We continue with the same, and we believe that all this is crushing the image of Marbella”, lamented the socialist, for which he has asked the PP senator for Malaga to “give answers so as not to continue staining the name” from the city. At the same time, he has requested that he explain “why he hid a good part of that heritage from the Senate and the City Council.”

For this reason, he has once again claimed that “Muñoz has to show the summary because we want to know What relations has the City Council and herself had? supposedly with his family throughout this procedure”, declared the local PSOE leader, who remarked that “it is not normal for a person to have that heritage”.

On the other hand, Bernal has raised both the leader of the PP at the national level, Alberto Núñez Feijóo, as well as the president of the Board, Juanma Morenothat “they have to think if they think it is normal that her as a member of the Senate and representative” of the formation, regardless of the prosecution of her husband and stepson, “have that millionaire heritage without being able to give a credible explanation of where it comes from ”.

For his part, he Councilor for Option Sampedreña (OSP), Manuel Osoriohas assessed that Ángeles Muñoz “should retire” and “defend himself from the shadow of his home” so that these issues do not splash the management in the municipality”.

Regarding the information related to the liens that the National Court has dictated on several properties of a company in which the councilor is the “sole partner”, has assumed that “it is within the normal procedure that they have opened against her husband and her stepson” to “give coverage” to him.

“The Citizenship does not deserve that we have another story linked to corruption and all these procedures that are always linked to the municipality”, underlined Osorio, who has opined that “with these things, both the party and her should step aside”.

In this sense, he has pointed out in relation to the cases of corruption that “seems to be a constant in Marbella”, highlighting that “it is a rich municipality that generates income, and the frivolities here promote this type of issue more”, he has valued. “It’s a shame and we don’t deserve this, we should be much more scrupulous,” he added.

From the municipal group of Citizens (Cs)the mayor María García has declined to make statements in this regard, alluding to the fact that “it is a judicial proceeding that is under investigationapart from some news that have come out about apparent evidence and apparent indications”, advancing that “until that there is no final sentence or the summary is opened ” will not be pronounced Similarly, the PP of Marbella has declined to make statements in this regard.

Last week, Senator Ángeles Muñoz presented in the Upper House an update on her declaration of assets in full storm for her husband’s caseafter experiencing an increase in assets by acquiring 100% of a company that until then had shared 50%, as well as a house in Sweden, which it has also come to own in its entirety.

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