The property of the kitchens, terraces and other common areas of the five-star hotel Guadalpín Banús, the company SPV Spain project 17, has denounced the alleged transit of people without authorization through certain areas of its premises, where until now the hotel activity of the tourist establishment has been carried out, and which were evicted on July 3 by the Commercial Court number 1 of Malaga.

The complaint, to which Málaga Hoy has had access, was filed on July 7 with the National Police, and deals with the events that according to the company occurred last Friday around 11:00 a.m. in zones 4, 6, 7 and 8, which include “the corridors and the bathrooms”.

According to the complaint, allegedly last Friday they accessed “the area identified as 4 (corridors) several people whose identity is unknown and they refuse to leave the place at the request of both the person designated by the complainant and the private security personnel hired by him.

In addition, in the complaint it works that “they have broken an entrance lock to zone 4now the complainant cannot close that door naturally”, as well as stating that “in no case have SPV personnel left the facilities”.

Alleged threats to occupy the spaces

On the other hand, SPV denounces that since the day the kitchens and terraces of the Guadalpín Banús hotel were launched, which took place on July 3, supposedly “there have been several threats by unknown third parties, in order to occupy the spaces”, date from which “there is a minimum of 3 security guards hired by the complainant”.

From the company they have explained that the incidents occurred last Friday, and that the people linked to the hotel who accessed the spaces of their property entered, but “then they’re gone.” “they go down and go up” ensuring that after filing the complaint there has been no intervention by the National Police or the Court. At the same time, they have lamented that “they have taken away two doors of some bathrooms”.

As indicated by SPV, the complaint “is notified to all the emails of the Guadalpín Banús hotel”, operated by the company Grisoma hotelera SL, with which it has not reached an agreement on the rental price of the premises, which is why the Mercantile Court number 1 of Malaga executed the launch on July 3 after the complaint filed by the company years ago.

“That is no longer a hotel”, They have remarked from SPV in reference to the kitchen area and the terraces, which have been exploited as a restaurant space by Grisoma until the launch of the premises last week, and which have remained closed since then.

In this way, from SPV they have criticized that staff linked to the hotel “has accessed without permission” supposedly to their facilities and “have traveled through the areas”, as well as they have stressed that “the bosses” have never come down, for which they have stressed that if the latter “believe that they have some right, that they come down and occupy themselves, but that they do not use parapet workers.”

“They do not have to step on our premises”, they have underlined from SPV, from where they have shown their interest in “reality being confirmed” and “all hotel staff being informed” of the situation after the launch of the kitchens and terraces.

The exploiter asks to maintain common bathrooms

For his part, the hotel manager, Ramón Pons, has indicated that “it may be that someone has passed for a place that this gentleman considers to be his”, noting that SPV has to “maintain at least a few bathrooms, which are common throughout the building”.

The hotelier has indicated that the five stars “keep working” and “with good occupation”, for which they are trying to ensure that “customers suffer as little as possible from the inconveniences of this launch”, since since then breakfasts, lunches and dinners are made in a small kitchen that is in the pool, as well as has “24-hour service in the rooms” and other spaces, has pointed out.

Pons has highlighted “the feeling helpless and disbelief” of the employees, adding that “a lot of work has been done to have a line of 3 restaurants, and now all that is coming down a bit”, as well as waiting for the judge to execute the order in which she recognizes that Grisoma “is the legitimate operator of all the estates” of the Marbella hotel.

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