The owner of the nightclub Opium Beach Club Marbella, Xavier Streethas spoken this Tuesday about the shooting happened in his establishment just a day ago. “Honestly, I have no words to describe what happened, what I do I have is pain, consternation and torment“He has stated on his personal Instagram account.

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The well-known businessman has described “hard” and “delicate” moments you are going through and considers that “no one should ever go through” a similar situation. Calle regrets having scheduled the season “with passion, love and the best intentions.” “We decided to make one of the best posters on the international scene, we take care of every detail of the organization and, above all, we are committed to this wonderful city, for us something that is above everything,” she said.

And it is that a few days ago the exclusive nightclub had announced the programming of artists for the summer season. Tyga, Oboy, L´Algerino, Ninho Sdt and Jay 1 were some of the confirmed artists. deejays with millions of followers on their social networks, at the height of the establishment’s select clientele. The performance of Black Coffee, “the biggest DJ in South Africa” ​​-as defined by the club itself-, was one of the most anticipated concerts by Opium regulars. But, the festive atmosphere was cut short by the fightwhich ended in stabbings and gunshots.

The establishment has also released an official statement on its Instagram account to express “the pain“for the events that occurred and show their”solidarity” with the affected people, to whom he has wished “a quick and happy recovery”.

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They have also reported that the business will remain closedas agreed with the corresponding authorities, until security measures and protocols are perfected “so that it is impossible for a sad event like the one that occurred to be repeated.”

According to sources consulted by Malaga Today, the registry to be able to enter the interior of the premises “left to be desired”. There was no metal detector, “many times they didn’t search you or look at your bags”, they report. A former worker says that “it is not the first time that unpleasant episodes have occurred in this establishment.” She details that, in addition to various confrontations, some girls have been drugged without her consent, “they put substances in their glasses,” she says.

In fact, she states that an event of this gravity “was seen coming” and confesses that one of the reasons why she left her post was because “I was scared. I knew that one day something was going to happen“.

In total, five people were wounds -among them, the alleged person responsible for the shooting-. A man of Irish nationality and a woman, both 32 years old, are still admitted to the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) although their evolution is favorable, according to sources at the Costa del Sol Hospital, where they are being treated. The woman has trauma to the abdominal and pelvic areas; while, the man suffers a chest trauma by firearm.

Another of those admitted, aged 18, was wounded by a bullet in the left hip. The fourth is 36 years old and has a gunshot wound to the back. The condition of both “is not serious” and both have already been discharged. In the same way, it has happened with the supposed material author of the shots, who presented different stab wounds on the forehead, neck, back and one eye.

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