The construction works of the second public car park in Estepona, located in the surroundings of the Plaza del Ajedrez, are in 80 percent of their execution, some works that will end in February, as announced this Thursday by the Deputy Mayor of the Mayor’s Office, Juan Manuel Ros.

The councilor explained that at the moment the works are focusing on land clearing, with a volume withdrawn above 80%, advancing in the area of ​​the square and reaching the bottom level in Mallorca street, where the containment works have already been completed in the entire work and the struts have been installed.

What’s more, The structure execution works have begun in the Zurbarán street area with the realization of the encachado, the drainage, the cleaning, the waterproofing of the bottom, the installation of the sanitation, the network of buried earth and the slab of the foundation. In addition, progress is being made in the intermediate slab work with the pillars already executed. The works are scheduled to finish in February.

On the other hand, the municipal official has specified that screen picking and surface preparation is progressing simultaneously to the preparation of the bottom of the excavation for the start of the structure.

This new facility will have more than 500 parking lots divided into two floors, which will mean a constructed area of ​​15,000 square meters in total. Likewise, it will have a similar operation to the one that exists in Plaza Antonia Guerrero with a novel system of a price of one euro a day and with the management of the facilities through Aprona, the Association in Favor of People with Functional Diversity of Estepona, thus promoting the labor integration of this group from the City Council. In addition, there is the possibility of a purchase option by residents in the area.

Also, the company awarded the works enters the municipal coffers 0.7% of this contract, that amounts to a total of 11.6 million euros, which will be used for social purposes, as a result of the Council’s pioneering initiative to include in all municipal bidding documents a clause to prioritize the award of public contracts to companies that undertake to pay said percentage.

On the other hand, among the actions that will be undertaken with this project is the comprehensive remodeling of the neighboring streets Mallorca, Menorca and Francisco Gutiérrez. In addition, the surface of the square and the garden areas will be beautified, improvements to the sanitation network with a new sewage and rainwater collector, replacement of deteriorated elements in the water supply network, a new network of public lighting, repair and replacement of electricity services, as well as improvements in telecommunications infrastructures.

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