The INFOCA classification scale for forest fires includes four levels: 0, 1, 2 and 3. The Sierra Bermeja fire arrived until 2, although now has lowered its level to 0, which will imply the withdrawal from state media and the Military Emergency Unit (UME), since its current state allows it to be extinguished only with the means of the INFOCA plan.

According to this scale, level 2 refers to those fires in which, at the request of the Directorate of the INFOCA Plan, they are incorporated state media not assigned to said Plan, or may involve emergency situations that lead to cases in which the national interest.

Currently, the fire is in level 0, the one with the lowest risk, corresponding to those claims that can be controlled with the extinguishing media included in the INFOCA Plan and that, even in its most unfavorable evolution, do not pose a danger to people not related to extinction work, or for goods other than those of a forest nature. After being considered controlled, the fire will enter the next phase: that of extinction.

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