The spokeswoman for the ‘Platform of those affected by Nozal and Van Gaalen’, Aída Nízar, has attended this Saturday the provincial congress that the Popular Party (PP) has held in Marbella, where Patricia Navarro has been elected as president; To report “the alleged corruption” of the property administration in 14 communities of owners on the Costa del Sol.

The businesswoman, who owns several properties in the Cabopino urbanization in Marbellahas spent a month publicly denouncing the “alleged irregularities” of the property administration, which is carried out by the company of the former mayor of Mijas and candidate for mayor of the town by the PP, Ángel Nozal, to which several neighbors have judicially requested the accounts of the last five years, and that after making the case known they have been to light other affected residential areas of the Costa del Sol.

Thus, the television collaborator has appeared at the political event in order to “talk for a few minutes with the Chairman of the Board”, Juan Manuel Moreno, who has visited Marbella today to support the new leader of the provincial PP; and “let him know that more than 14 communities of owners are suffering the alleged corruption denounced by a PP president who was filed”.

Finally, it could not be, and Nízar has been taken out of the hall of the congress space by “five policemen” from the Security Forces after attending “in the second row” the presentation of the candidacy of Patricia Navarro as “an affiliate, militant and lover of the PP”, after which she has tried to start a conversation with the new general secretary of the party, José Ramón Carmona, moment in which she has been expelled and has been prohibited from entering the congress.

In the outside of the Congress Palace and accompanied by a member of the platform -because she assures that people are “afraid” to show their faces-, Nízar has repeatedly unfurled a banner in which you can read “Let’s vote for legality, let’s vote for a change of administration, Ángel Nozal / Alcántara no”, with which the group has already gone to demonstrate at a neighborhood meeting.

In this way, he wanted to send the Andalusian president the message that “he cannot allow a PP president to exist in his party that is ruining the lives of so many community members on the Costa del Sol”, for which he asks “help” to the popular formation “with enormous respect, affection and admiration”.

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