The Coín City Council has initially approved its financial accounts for next year this morning. The Municipal Budgets of Coín 2022 record income of 27,086,716 euros and expenses of 26,114,320 euros. “These are budgets adapted to the needs of our city and prepared to address the real problems of our neighbors and to consolidate the economic reactivation that Coín is already experiencing,” said the mayor of the town, Francisco Santos, in the course of the plenary session. The approval has taken place with the votes in favor of the government team of the Popular Party, with an absolute majority, and the vote against the PSOE, Adelante Coín, Ciudadanos and Andalucía por Sí.

The next 2022 will be the year to consolidate the economic reactivation that in the words of the mayor “already lives the city of Coín” where employment has increased and the city is growing economically and socially. “We also notice an increase in population year after year, something that also makes us increase our basic services and, therefore, increase the expenditure chapter of these budgets”, he highlighted. To do this, budgets have been drawn up aimed “at meeting the demands of our neighbors and solving the real problems of citizens.”

These expenses also increase due to the payment of the City Council’s debt, since the 800,000 euros paid annually as debt is compounded by the payment of the supplier payment plan “which begins to be passed on from next year if the Government does not extend it ”, he specified. With which, the City Council will pay more than 1.5 million euros in debt, so that by the end of 2022 the debt generated will have dropped to 12 million euros. “We continue to work tirelessly making investments, keeping the payment to suppliers below 7 days and paying more than one million euros of debt every year,” he valued.

Ambitious municipal investment plan
The accounts of the City Council of Coín also record an ambitious investment plan that amounts to 7.9 million euros and with which “new works and improvements will be carried out in the infrastructure of the municipality important for its development and for the welfare of the neighbors”. This is the case of the Linear Park, for which 1.5 million euros will be allocated; the development of the Guadalhorce Green Corridor project in its connection with Coín, with 324,000 euros; the continuation of the works of the Hospital de la Caridad and Iglesia de San Andrés, with another 500,000 euros; the execution of the third phase of Avenida de España with another 1.13 million euros; the repair of the road to Alozaina, with an item of 296,000 euros; and works in streets of the municipality such as Calle de la Cruz, for 140,000 euros, and Calle Bartolomé Abelenda, for 280,000 euros. “These are projects that are going to transform Coín and that are going to contribute to improving and increasing the well-being and quality of life of our neighbors,” he said.

On the other hand, this investment plan also includes another series of projects such as a new edition of Participatory Budgets with 150,000 euros; action plan in rural areas with another 280,000 euros, or the construction of a dog park for 20,000 euros, among other projects. “They are very necessary works for our city, some financed entirely by municipal resources and others through subsidies and aid from both the Malaga Provincial Council and the Andalusian Government,” he said.

Increase in basic services
Francisco Santos has also had an impact on the increase in the cost and, therefore, of the basic services for citizens. Thus, the global item for action on public roads in matters of cleaning, gardening or incident management and other arrangements amounts to 1,971,000 euros. This without forgetting the social aid that has to reach the families of Coín who need it most. “Although the economic situation is better, we maintain the 100,000 euro item from the Social Emergency Fund, planned last year due to the Covid-19 crisis, but which we are going to maintain so that no family in Coín suffers from needs basic in our municipality ”, he remarked. These grants are joined by items for the maintenance of the city’s food bank or the 140,000 euros for the city’s collectives, associations and clubs “which also carry out great social work in the city.”

Finally, the Coineño councilor has emphasized that these budgets will also continue to support the strong industrial and business fabric of the city. “We include an item of 25,000 euros for the promotion of activities aimed at our companies and the self-employed, and 100,000 euros for the Strategic Plan for Subsidies for Commerce and Hospitality”, he indicated. These items are translated into aid for business training and to support local employment, as well as the creation of new companies and the improvement of current ones.

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