The individual in yellow pants and a striped t-shirt who allegedly sneaked into a villa in Marbella last Sunday while its tenants spent the day on the beach and made off with a loot of 6,000 euros was not the first time he had committed an act illicit of these characteristics. He was already known by the police for another robbery, which has allowed his ID.

More than a week ago, the alleged criminal had already assaulted another property, also in the town of Marbella, but this time in the residential area near the beach known as Artola. The modus operandi, according to sources close to the case, would have been the same as the one used last Sunday: the slip.

The usual technique to enter the homes of the alleged perpetrator of the robberies, who acts accompanied by a second person who does surveillance work, is valid as long as the locks have not been turned. The slip consists of forcing access to the home using a hard plastic that is inserted between the frame and the door of the house, at the height of the lock.

On June 11, between 2:45 p.m. and 8:30 p.m., a family living in Marbella decided to spend the day at the beach. While the house was empty, a man allegedly broke into the family roomThis is how the property’s security cameras pick it up.

The alleged criminal registered, first, a bag and removed all the money that was inside, which amounted to €1,850. Next, he stole an envelope that was inside a piece of furniture, also located in the main room of the home, taking the 4,000 euros that it contained. In the same way, he took another 350 euros located in the cabinet, next to the envelope.

The stolen figure would therefore be equivalent to a little more than 6,000 euros. In the robbery that the same individual allegedly carried out days ago, this newspaper does not know the amount with which he managed to get hold of. However, the property’s security cameras also caught him red-handed. In this way, the investigators managed to find out that on this occasion he would also have used a cane, pretending to have some kind of disability, to walk through the area without raising suspicions among the neighbors.

Now, the images of both robberies have been compared and the police have been able to verify that it is the same person. Despite the fact that the suspect does not reside in Marbella according to the initial investigations by the investigators, he would go to the town regularly to commit his misdeeds.

The investigation, which has fallen on the Specialized and Violent Crime Unit (UDEV) of the Local Police Station of Marbella, is still open and, for the moment, it is unknown if there have been any arrests.

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