The People’s University of Mijas will start the second registration period for its workshops next Tuesday, August 16, so new students who are registered in the municipality will be able to formalize your registration until September 13, as reported this Wednesday by the mayor of the area, Hipólito Zapico.

The councilor highlighted that “for those new unregistered students the The term will be from September 6 to 13. and recalled that in the 2022/2023 academic year “it will have new workshops such as the film script coursethe second level of german, taichi onlinechildren’s painting classes in La Cala, ballet in Las Lagunas or Spanish classes for Ukrainians”.

The first registration period ended at the end of July and “for the moment we have more than 2,000 students enrolledwhich highlights the good reception that the Popular University has among the population of Mijas”.

Not surprisingly, the course 2021/2022 closed with “close to 3,000 studentswhich exceeds the average we had before the pandemic and this is the result of the work that was done during the pandemic of not cutting classes and making them online, of the effort made by the families, teachers and management of the center to maintain the activity. In this course our expectation is to exceed that figure”, Zapico highlighted.

From the Popular University department they have recalled that the Enrollment can also be formalized electronically through its website ( In it, you can also consult all the information about each of the workshops which are taught in the three nuclei of the municipality.

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