He Malaga’s PPa continues advancing on the Coast and already takes for granted the two pacts that remain open in the big cities: mijas and Velez-Malaga. The negotiations are already very mature to finish painting the map blue in the few municipalities with more than 30,000 inhabitants in which they did not tie up absolute majorities.

already warned Patricia Navarropresident of the party in Malaga, that they were going to go after all the municipalities in which they had the opportunity to govern, especially in cities with more than 30,000 inhabitants, while warning that they already had an absolute majority in 12 of the 16 municipalities with more than 20,000 inhabitants.

Said and done, once the electoral hangover had passed, they sat down at the negotiating table to agree with the groups that held the key to two governments that in the previous term ended up controlled by the PSOE: Mijas and Vélez-Málaga, both key to strike the nail on the socialists.

In Mijas, the current acting mayor, Josele Gonzalez (PSOE), affirmed in the Provincial Committee this Wednesday that it “continues trying” to reach the pact in Mijas and that it gives it 50%. In the same Committee they proposed him as a candidate to preside over the Provincial Council, that is, as spokesperson for the socialists in the supra-regional entity, a position that is difficult to complement with a mayoralty of a large city and that makes it seem that the perspective of the socialists is not positive.

Popular sources also take the pact in the Costa del Sol city for granted. The sources consulted point out that the commitment of Juan Carlos Maldonadocouncilor for Por mi Pueblo, is tied up, and the only thing left to confirm is the support of one of the Ciudadanos councilors, who, they indicate, could leave the orange party.

What’s more, Por mi Pueblo and Por mi Pueblo already assured that they were not going to look at the reason for agreeing, but rather the “why”, pointing out that they will look more at the program than anything else when it comes to agreeing. He also did not put any red line for the judicial investigation of the ‘cashier case’ for which he was called to testify Angel Nozal as investigated.


In Velez Malaga the situation for the Popular Party seemed “affordable” with the results of May 28 in hand. With nine councilors in a city that marks its absolute majority at 13, they only needed to commit the support of Andalucía por Sí (UA) or the Independent Group for the Municipality of Torre del Mar (Gipmtm), both with six representatives in the City Council.

At this time, they are even considering including both parties in the government team as a possible option, with a view to carrying out an operation in which they include one of the candidates in future lists, “the PP is a party of great majorities and that seeks to attract many sensibilities”, point out the popular sources consulted. In benalmadenawhich was in the hands of the PSOE in the previous term, also obtained a joint candidacy with other forces for this May 28 with which they managed to obtain an absolute majority.

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