The councilor of the Popular Party (PP) in the City Council of Mijas Marco Cortés publicly denounced this Monday that the parking of La Candelaria “is open to the public without complying with the minimum security measures for its use”, while the City Council ensures that “it complies with all” and that has received the infrastructure after “the verifications and the approval of the municipal technicians”.

In a press release sent by the popular formation of Mijas, the mayor points out that “the fire detectors are obstructed, both at the entrances and inside this public facility; the location lights of the places do not work nor the machines for the payment of the parking, the plugs for the electric vehicles are missing and one exit is closed to traffic and shored upwith which it has a partial opening”.

According to the statement, Cortés denounces “the possible -and presumed- lack of security of this public space received by the Town Hall, not having all the active prevention measures for the user, this being able to endanger the physical integrity of people”.

“Allow the opening of a public car park Without complying with current regulations, it is a serious imprudence, which endangers users and makes the City Council responsible for any accident”, he declared.

For this reason, the PP of Mijas has requested in writing “The minutes of inspection and commissioningin addition to publicly denouncing this situation, since the safety of the neighbors comes first”, Cortés added in the statement.

For its part, the Mijas Town Hall has underlined that “the parking complies with all security measures” and that has received the same after “the verifications and the approval of the municipal technicians”.

In this way, from the Consistory they have pointed out that “fire detectors work and sensors too” being “new”, adding that “of the 5 ATMs only 1 is out of service”.

On the other hand, he has pointed out that “the project of the parking came with the pre-installation for electric vehicles, as it has been received”, ensuring that it “does not pose a risk to the safety of users”, as well as indicating that “later the operator that exploits it will be tendered” as the City Council does not “manage” this type of service.

Regarding the output, he highlighted that “it is closed, it is not propped up” when telling “a system so that the cars do not leave without paying, because a vehicle has broken the exit barrier”.

The City Council has noted that “The safety of the neighbors will never be put at risk” with the opening of public spaces, noting that “after decades of problems with the lack of parking, this government team has built two new parking lots in Las Lagunasproviding a solution to the demand of the neighbors”, for which he has accused the PP of “wanting to cloud this achievement” of the local executive.

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