Patricia navarro, the general secretary of the PP of Malaga, has indicated today, Tuesday, August 24, the inattention before the transportation needs on the Costa del Sol by the Government of Pedro Sánchez. «The action of the PSOE, which also wants to impose abusive taxes on the highways, would mean a hard blow to the mobility of the Costa del Sol, both from neighbors who go to work and from tourists.

As Navarro has indicated, “the Government doubly despises the Costa del Sol by bury the coastal train project and cut Line 1 of the Cercanías by up to 80 trains, with the consequent daily damage for neighbors and visitors.

During this event in Marbella, accompanied by the Vice Secretary of Organization of the Popular Party, Ana Beltran, and the local president and mayor of Marbella, Angeles Muñoz, Navarro has criticized that “the socialists are ashamed of the Costa del Sol and they have shown that they do not believe in this part of the Malaga coastline, after years of turning their backs on it ».

The controversial cancellation of the construction of a coastal train, which sought to connect Malaga capital with Estepona and Marbella, a project that «the previous Government of the PP left on track with an endowment of up to six million euros“As Navarro has pointed out, it has been one of the events that the Secretary General has highlighted the most during the statement.

Both political parties have not been exempt from comparisons, because, according to Navarro, “Marbella and the Costa del Sol is a good place to compare the management of the PP and the PSOE. In this region, we have turned around a historical deficit, since the previous Socialist Junta did not open a hospital bed here since 1992 ″.

Finally, the popular secretary from Malaga added that «from the PP we are aware of the importance of this coastal axis, densely populated, with a great capacity for tourist attraction and a constant need to improve public services.

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