The PP of Marbella will present in the plenary session of the Corporation in September, which will be held tomorrow, Friday, an “urgency motion” to urge the central government to declare “the public interest” of the boardwalk Y resolve the “allegations” presented by the City Council last year to the remodeling project of the Ministry for the Ecological Transition and the Demographic Challenge, a proposal whose purpose is “stop the collapse” of a part of the infrastructure which was built irregularly in 1992, according to what the popular spokesman, Enrique Rodríguez, advanced this Thursday.

The representative of the municipal group has pointed out that the affected section, which runs from “the beach of the Venus to the tip of the ancon“, understands “three hotels, five beach bars, a multitude of hammock areas or of another type such as housing, common services or public garden areas”, emphasizing that it is visited daily by many citizens “by leisure travel or to go to their jobs because it is a cycle path”.

Rodríguez has explained regarding the administrative processing that in the year 2021 the city council presented to the Ministry for the Ecological Transition and the Demographic Challenge “a series of allegations” to the remodeling project“defending the position that It is a promenade consolidated 30 years ago where there are many establishments and legal figures that allow its consolidation as the declaration of public interest, and it still does not respond more than a year later”, he lamented.

For this reason, the PP government team will present an “urgency motion” in the plenary session of the Corporation to urge the central government to resolve the allegations presented by the Consistory last year forcancel that basic remodeling project, that what he intends is to demolish more than a kilometer and a half of our promenade”.

In addition, the proposal contemplates the request to the Ministry for the Ecological Transition and the Demographic Challenge of “annul the proposed basic project” and instead undertake an in-depth study of each section in order to preserve the infrastructure, together with the request to the Executive that “rule on the public interest of our promenade”.

We don’t understand the attack on our boardwalk when in the same situation many others are found on the Spanish coasteven from neighboring municipalities, and they have never taken any type of measure,” said Rodríguez, who warned that “from the PP we will do everything that necessary both institutionally and politically, and of movement in the streetto stop the collapse of the promenade and get the breakwaters”.

The popular spokesman has lamented that on September 20, the mayor of the city, Ángeles Muñoz, went to Madrid to the Senate to “raise the breakwaters as a senator, and we came without the breakwaters and with the threat of taking away the promenade”, while criticizing thatthe attacks on Marbella no longer come from Madrid or Seville as usual, as we were more than used to, but are applauded by the local PSOE”, which “is devoting itself to justifying the 4-year delay in the breakwaters and defending the project of demolition”.

“We regret that the Local PSOE defends the demolition of the promenade proposed by the Government of Spain, one of the places that allows us the most enjoyment and relaxation, in addition to being a meeting point of the society of Marbella”, The mayor has declared, for which he has encouraged the socialist formation to tomorrow Friday “take a picture in plenary and vote in favor of our urgency motion”.

On the other hand, the councilor lamented that the Minister for the Ecological Transition and the Demographic Challenge, Teresa Riberahas visited the province this Thursday and has met with mayors in Malaga without dedicating “even an hour to come to Marbella and learn about our problem”, after 5 months of invitations and “12 letters from the mayor”, for which he has urged to the representative of the central government that “do not miss the opportunity” to visit the town.

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