The spokesman for the Popular Party of Marbella and San Pedro, Enrique Rodríguez, lamented that the local PSOE defends the demolition that the Government of Spain intends to carry out on the Paseo Marítimo de Marbella and has urged them to “completely oppose the destruction of part of the promenade, one of the places of most enjoyment and recreation, as well as a meeting point for our neighbors” and for this he encourages them to vote in favor of the urgency motion presented by the Popular Municipal Group to the September ordinary plenary session regarding the allegations to the remodeling project of the promenade and the pronouncement on its public interest.

“The Socialists have the opportunity tomorrow during the plenary session to regain credibility with the residents of Marbella and San Pedro and support the proposal to prevent the demolition. If this is not the case and they vote against it, and therefore support the demolition project, they will be portrayed before the entire citizenry”, Rodríguez pointed out, “they will have to give the relevant explanations to the neighbors who enjoy our walk every day, to the local businesses such as beach bars and hotels that will see how the demolition will take away their businesses, which are the livelihood of so many families”.

The spokesman for the popular has encouraged the PSOE to position itself, “they have to decide if they are in favor of the Pedro Sánchez government, which denies Marbella the breakwaters and wants to demolish its Paseo Marítimo, or are on the side of our town and its fair demands”.

“A project that clearly indicates its objective, which is demolition, we hope that when the local PSOE reads the document and discovers the atrocity that their colleagues in Madrid want to commit, they will reconsider and stop them,” he said, “we do not understand how the socialist party at the local and provincial level has consented to the vote of their party in the Senate overturning the motion to speed up the stabilization projects that are sorely lacking for our beaches”.

Likewise, he has highlighted that there are many other municipalities, “and many that are neighbors”, in which the state of their coastal promenade is the same as that of Marbella and its legality is not questioned.

Rodríguez has insisted that the mayor went to the Senate with a positive and proactive attitude, “to offer an agreement to all groups” and found “a belligerent, lacking and disrespectful socialism that the only thing it did, as usual, was attack Marbella”. And he has asked them for “serenity” and direction so that the government of Pedro Sánchez “does not go down in history for eliminating a section of the Paseo Marítimo built more than 30 years ago, just as Felipe González went down in history for eliminating the breakwaters ”.

The substance of the motion presented by the popular will be to urge the central government of Pedro Sánchez and his Ministry for the Ecological Transition and Demographic Challenge to resolve the allegations to the remodeling project of the Paseo Marítimo de Marbella presented by the city council in 2021. In addition to the request to the same ministry “to annul the proposed basic project” with the demolition and instead undertake an in-depth study of each section and modify the project so that it contemplates the conservation of the promenade. And along with this, ask the government to “pronounce on the public interest of our promenade.”

The popular lament the “contempt” with which the government treats the municipality. “We have sent more than 10 letters to the minister inviting her to come to Marbella so that she could learn first-hand about the situation that we know she is unaware of, but it seems that she does not want to know either,” explained Rodríguez, who did not want to miss the opportunity to Today the minister has an agenda in Malaga to extend “once again the invitation that the mayor has made to her on numerous occasions. She is only 40 minutes away from meeting and seeing for herself the state of our beaches and the Paseo Marítimo that she wants to tear down.”

The spokesman lamented that “in five months he has not taken even a few hours to come and learn about the reality of our coast, that the only response to the citizen movement demanding the breakwaters has been to threaten the demolition of 1.5 km of promenade, the one that runs from the beach of La Venus to Punta El Ancón”, emphasizing that the opportunity she has today to visit the municipality is “great and we will be delighted to receive her and thus not continue to despise the city”.

Rodríguez has stressed that from the Popular Party they will continue “fighting and fighting” to get the breakwaters and to “stop the demolition of one of the main attractions of our city.” “The mayor is putting all the resources of the City Council to solve this situation as soon as possible and the Popular Party will do everything necessary to defend the city, its breakwaters and the promenade.”

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