As the pandemic recovery progresses house prices rise again on the Costa del Sol. According to the latest report from the Idealista real estate portal, both Marbella, Estepona and Benahavís registered last July all-time highs in the price per square meter of the house for sale.

The we find the most expensive houses in Benahavís, where the price has risen 13.4% compared to last year reaching 3,517 euros per square meter.

In Marbella – with a rise of 9.7% – the price stands at 3,274 euros per square meter. This means that an apartment for sale of for example 90 square meters can cost around 300 thousand euros today.

Estepona, meanwhile, is also 8.9% more expensive than in 2020. The average price of a 90 square meter apartment can cost around 215 thousand euros today – this is about 2,396 per square meter.

The only locality that yes it has registered a decrease In the price of housing for sale during the last year it has been Casares – specifically, prices are 1.8% cheaper than in 2020-. According to data from July, the price remains in this town at 1,791 euros per square meter.

Finally, Manilva remains the cheapest town from the Western Costa del Sol to buy a house, with an average of 1,671 euros per square meter.

The rent goes up too

The price of rents has also risen this month of July in several locations on the coast although much less than the price of the house for sale.

In this case, the most expensive town to rent by far is Marbella, where the price -11.6 euros per square meter- exceeds the provincial average by two points. Rent today a 90 square meter apartment in Marbella it can cost us more than a thousand euros.

The second most expensive rentals are found in Benahavís, around 10.7 euros per square meter. This is followed by Estepona -where the square meter for rent costs an average of 9.5 euros-, Casares -with an average of 7.5 euros per square meter- and finally Manilva, which also repeats as the cheapest town to rent. Here the price is around 7.2 euros per square meter.

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