The Diputación de Málaga has approved in the plenary session held this Wednesday to dedicate 400,000 euros to improve the road to Los Reales de Sierra Bermejalocated in the municipalities of Estepona and Genalguacil, an infrastructure that represents the the only road access to this environment of great environmental value and that was seriously damaged in the fire last year both on the road and in the signaling, as reported by the provincial institution.

The plenary has given the green light to a modification in the ‘Strategic subsidy plan’ of the provincial institution 2020-2022 to allocate aid to municipalities of Estepona (313,950.33 euros) and Genalguacil (84,743.65 euros) to undertake the improvement works of the aforementioned road, owned by the two municipalities and which has a 4.7-kilometre route. The Diputación has assumed the drafting of the project and the direction of the work, which has a term of execution of four months.

The actions will consist of reinforcing the pavement by spreading a layer of bituminous concrete, as well as the opening, cleaning and concrete lining of the gutters; the execution of a deep drainage to channel the water that emerges in two sections from the ditches and the development of two new transversal drainage works.

In addition, it will be replacement of horizontal signage to restore the visibility of the edges of the roadway, along with the replacement of vertical signs and the placement of cylindrical beacons in all cross drainage works.

This road served during the days that the fire lasted last year as unique and difficult access to terrestrial means of extinction, and was crossed by the flames without being able to act as a firewall, affecting its two banks and the state of the infrastructure itself.

On the other hand, it has also been approved in plenary, initially, the fourth phase of the ‘Municipal economic assistance planl’, intended for Alhaurín el Grande and Nerja, the two municipalities in the province with a population between 20,000 and 25,000 inhabitants.

Each municipality will receive 150,000 euros as unconditional non-target fund transfers, so they can allocate that amount to the actions that each council considers a priority.

Likewise, in today’s plenary session, a new initiative was approved that responds to the name of ‘Metapueblos: beyond the city’, than with one investment of 557,963 euros will seek to reinforce rural identity and pride among the youngest population of the municipalities at risk of depopulation nestled in the Serranía de Ronda and Axarquia, financing social innovation projects.

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