These grants will be distributed among municipalities with less than 20,000 inhabitants. The overall economic amount of the aid is 476,653 euros and is expected to reach about 325 homes in the province.

Interested persons may requestr this grant until Monday, October 4, whose call is published in the Official Gazette of the Province, and you can obtain more information at the headquarters of the Community Social Services of your municipality of residence.

Some of these types of aid will be: basic needs coverage of the members of the coexistence unit, the habitability and conditioning of a home, support for renting a home for a maximum period of six months, the asupport for the purchase of school supplies, as well as care and health care through specialized treatments, ordebts for expenses for basic minimum supplies like water, electricity or gas.

The beneficiaries of this aid may be persons of legal age or emancipated minors who reside and are registered in any of the municipalities with less than 20,000 inhabitants of the province of Malaga, and whoe lack sufficient financial means to meet your basic needs.

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