The spokesperson for the Socialist Group in the Andalusian Parliament, Ángeles Férriz, has summoned this Wednesday the president of the Board and of the PP-A, Juanma Morenoto answer “with a Yes or with a No“to the question of if “she is going to maintain as mayoress” of Marbella, Ángeles Muñozand if “he is going to support her to be elected a candidate of the popular formation for the next municipal elections” in 2023, just as he has accused the Andalusian Government of wanting to “cover up and hide” the scandal that splashes the councilor for the case of her husband.

At a press conference in the Andalusian Parliament, the deputy general secretary of the PSOE-A has launched these questions to the president of the Board and of the PP-A before the “monumental scandal” derived, as he has remarked, from the judicial investigation into an alleged international drug trafficking network that would implicate the husband and stepson of Ángeles Muñoz and that, according to what has been said, “splatters” its municipal management by awarding funds from the Board to companies “connected with the corrupt plot.”

In this regard, the socialist spokesperson has accused the Moreno government of wanting to “cover up and hide” said “scandal” and to give “orders from San Telmo” to the Parliamentary Board to execute a new “veto” to parliamentary initiatives of the PSOE “so that the situation of the municipality of Malaga is reported and debated in the autonomous Chamber”.

Ángeles Férriz thus alluded to three questions that the Socialist Group has registered for its formulation in the control session to the Andalusian Government in the next plenary session of Parliament directly related to said alleged corrupt plot, of which the Board of the Chamber has ended up qualifying favorably two of them -on measures in Andalusia against “money laundering” and on “funds transferred to the Marbella City Council”-in their meeting this Wednesday, although the parliamentary spokesperson had assumed that the three issues were going to be “vetoed”, as well as five others related to Marbella, formulated “in different ways” and to different ministries, which have also been finally qualified.

Complaint of the PSOE-A before the president of the Parliament

The socialist leader has alluded to this matter later in the Board of Spokespersons meeting in which the agenda for next week’s plenary session has been set, where he has asked “that the express complaint” of his group be recorded in the minutes because “we do not understand that questions that were not qualified in the previous” meeting of the Bureau of Parliament, held last week, now they have been qualified.

Férriz has also asked the president of Parliament, Jesús Aguirre (PP-A), “with the utmost loyalty and respect, but also with the utmost seriousness, that this cannot be repeated again”, because the Andalusian Chamber “has to have prestige and seriousnessand it cannot be that questions are qualified or not based on the pressure of the party that supports the Government”, he added.

Jesús Aguirre has responded to the Socialist spokesperson that the Board of the Chamber asked the Socialist Group last week to will “reformulate” your questions about the case of Marbellaas the PSOE-A has done, as confirmed by the president of Parliament before taking the opportunity to ask the deputies that, “when they make statements assessing what the Board admits or not, they wait to see” what finally it is decided by the governing body of the Chamber, and do not make assessments “based on hearsay”. “Let’s be a little serious,” the president has asked.

Ángeles Muñoz, in an “untenable” situation

For the rest, the parliamentary spokesperson for the PSOE-A has maintained in her press conference that the information published leaves “in a untenable situation” to Ángeles Muñoz and also to the president of the Junta and of the Andalusian PP and to Elías Bendodo as national coordinator of the PP, because “everything indicates that They were aware of the alleged “sticks” of the drug trafficking network related to the mayoress’s husband”.

He stressed that “we are facing a very serious case of judicial prosecution of the husband and stepson of the mayoress of Marbella who questions his management as head of the City Council”, for which he has questioned “how is it possible” that the president of the Board “continues to without showing face.”

The socialist responsible has insisted that the “silence” of Moreno Bonilla “is shameful”, when, according to published information, “municipal aid from Marbella is under suspicion granted with money from the Board to companies connected with the husband of Ángeles Muñoz, investigated for an alleged international mafia plot”.

“We want explanations, what Moreno Bonilla, -the president of the PP, Alberto Núñez- Feijóo, Bendodo, of the compadreo of the mayoress of Marbella with the former commissioner Villarejo with alleged favorable treatment in her municipality in exchange for covering up the UCO investigation of her husband, as has been reported by the media” allegedly, Ángeles Férriz has abounded.

Finally, the spokesperson for the Socialist Group wanted to make it clear that the PSOE Andalusian will continue to bring this issue to Parliament “relentlessly and in all possible ways”. –

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