The Psoe calls on the mayor of Marbella, Ángeles Muñoz, to give explanations about the prosecution of her husband, Lars Gunnar Broberg, and stepson, Joakim Broberg, linked to a criminal network of drug trafficking and money laundering.

“We regret the scandalous news that is coming out around the mayor and is splashing the city. These news are not at all desirable for those of us who have fought so that Marbella would not be identified with corruption again, ”said the socialist municipal spokesman José Bernal today.

The socialists describe the crimes attributed to the mayor’s environment as “very serious” and emphasize that in the summary of the case, investigated by the National Court, there is talk of the “close relationship” of these people with the Marbella City Council.

“We are respectful of justice but we are going to take two measures,” said Bernal. One of them is to ask Ángeles Muñoz to give explanations to the citizens and not treat them “like sheep”, arguing that the judicial process “is a political issue because the elections are coming”, as she did when the news of her prosecution was known. husband.

They also request that the summary of the case be made public. “Mrs. Muñoz said that when the secrecy of the summary was lifted, we would all see that the honorability of her husband was going to remain black on white, well, that she should make that summary, which is already public, available to everyone, if she does not make it, something have to hide.”

The judge of the National Court Manuel García Castellón yesterday ordered the prosecution of Lars Gunnar Broberg, husband of the mayor, for the alleged crimes of money laundering and criminal organization within the framework of an alleged network led by Swedish citizens who would have exported from Spain large quantities of narcotic drugs, mainly marijuana and hashish, to the Nordic countries, especially Sweden.

In total, the head of the Central Investigating Court Number 6 has ordered the prosecution of 32 people and has summoned Lars Gunnar and his son to testify on November 17.

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