The councilor of the PSOE in the Marbella Town Hall, Isabel Pérez, has requested this Thursday the mayoress, Ángeles Muñoz, that “listen” to the board and volunteers of the Triple A shelter for abandoned animals and do not do the remodeling of the headquarters of this association “in a sloppy way and backwards”, while the Government team (PP) ensures that they will be taken into account as long as they are technically compatible and justified

The mayor regretted that the deficiencies are detected nowwith the works “at 80% completion” and the requests of the group have not been met before, which “does a great job caring for abandoned pets and deserves to have decent facilities.”

It is an “obviously necessary” work, to which earmarked 1.5 million eurosrecalls Isabel Pérez, for which she has demanded “seriousness and responsibility” from the PP government team when executing it in order that “it really serves what it has been designed for and does not end up wasting public money”.

The installations, as they are being carried out now, “they are not the right ones” according to reports from Triple A, from where some volunteers “have transferred us that look more like a prison for animals”, for which they ask for more space and outdoor recreation areas, among other improvements.

“This is happening once again to the PP government team for not listening to the public and make her a participant in the projects”, insisted the councilor, who believes that the problems would have been avoided if “the board and volunteers had been available beforehand”.

Lastly, he pointed out that “since the PSOE have always been concerned about the rights and welfare of animals” and an example of this is that this very Thursday a law has been approved in the Congress of Deputies that establishes extensive regulations in defense of animals.

The Government regrets that the PSOE is unaware of the project

For his part, the Councilor for Health, Enrique Rodríguez, today reproached the PSOE “that speaks from ignorance” about the construction project of the new Triple A refuge, “for which they have never worried and now they come to entangle, disrespecting those who have made it possible”.

The mayor has assured that the action “has been agreed with the entity and its objective is to turn the facilities into a benchmark on the Costa del Sol” and explained that “contact with the association is continuous, both with the previous board of directors when the file began in 2019 and with the current one, which has shown its conformity with the work that began in April 2022”.

Thus, he has indicated that “the contributions that some partners have transferredwith the works executed at 80% and that had not been revealed until now, will be taken into account as long as they are technically compatible and justified by the experts”.

Rodríguez stressed that “the government team always works with a constructive zeal and shows a active listening with all groups” and has lamented that “the PSOE continues to mire with its negative campaign, without proposals, without ideas and trying to argue with an issue that they know is clearly resolved and in dialogue with the entity.”

He has also stated that “the animal welfare protection has been one of the maxims of this legislature and, in addition to the remodeling of the Triple A facilities, which has an investment of 1.5 million euros, a previous item of 300,000 euros has been added for the construction of a network of supply and sanitation that has solved a historical problem and the conditioning of a temporary headquarters in the vicinity so that the dogs and cats were in the best conditions during the development of the works”.

From the Triple-A association They have shown their “thank you to the Marbella Town Hall for their tireless work and economic effort to create a new headquarters to accommodate abandoned animals in the city”.

“We know the countless meetings with the previous board of directors to meet all your demands regarding this very important project and your predisposition to have all the suggestions that the current one has established, with the aim of improving essential equipment for our association and that we are sure will be a benchmark in terms of facilities for the animals,” they said.

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