The municipal spokesman and candidate for the PSOE to the Mayor of Marbella, José Bernal, has demanded this Wednesday to the Mayor, Angeles Muñozthat gives the “pertinent explanations” about the investigation in the courts about an alleged irregular license granted to a nightclub, while the government team regrets that the PSOE continues with its “farce of hollow complaints.”

The socialist spokesman has indicated that all this is “very suspicious if we take into account that the disco is one of the sponsors of the racing car of the son of Ángeles Muñoz”, uAn episode that “is not alien to the ongoing scandals that we are experiencing in recent months,” he added.

As he explained, we have already been able to read in journalistic information how in the summary of the case investigated by the National Court for drug trafficking and money laundering, conversations and meetings are collected to seek sponsors for that vehicle “in exchange for allegedly favors”, as he suspected. police.

In addition, he has insisted that the City Council “attend to the claims” of the residents of the Opium nightclub and allow them “to live peacefully in their homes”, something that all citizens of the municipality should be able to do.

“The permissiveness of the mayoress, Ángeles MuñozWith the inconvenience this establishment generates, it is unsustainable”, he assessed, “and this situation extends to numerous areas of Marbella with a similar problem”.

“There are neighbors who have lost eight kilos and take five pills a day between anxiolytics and antidepressants”, Bernal added, in an “absolutely intolerable” situation and in which the Marbella City Council “must take action”.

The socialist asks not to leave functions

The socialist councilor considers that “you simply have to apply the regulations and do not leave functions “ so that residents can maintain “a normal life in their homes” during the summer months.

“From the PSOE we take to the plenary session a noise map that the Popular Party refused to launch despite being mandatory. It is evident, once again, that Mrs. Muñoz is only aware of her private interests and the general cares very little for her, ”she pointed out.

“Every problem you have, your answer is always the same, blame the PSOE and talk about a campaign of harassment”, lamented Bernal, who asks the mayoress “more seriousness” and that she “assume responsibilities derived from her management” since it is “she who appears in the summary of a case for drug trafficking and money laundering” and she is also the “ responsible for ensuring the well-being of the residents of the municipality.

The local government regrets a “farce of hollow complaints”

For its part, the government team regretted that the PSOE intends to continue with its “farce of hollow accusations” despite the “historic setbacks” of the courts before his campaign of harassment against the mayoress and “his attempt to tarnish the image of Marbella”.

The spokesman for the local Executive, Félix Romero, has demanded the local socialist leader, José Bernal, to offer explanations about the complaint filed by “a man he trusted, convicted of coercion, on a license that the PSOE municipal government itself granted when he was mayor for an establishment in which a former adviser also of Bernal worked as director ”. “In other words, everything revolves around the PSOE and Bernal”, stressed the councilor, who stressed that the community of neighbors has distanced itself from the complaint.

“They have tried to sell us that it was a complaint by the residents of the area and now we have learned from the media that it is a complaint filed by someone that Bernal has wanted to hide because he is someone closely linked to him, who even acted as de facto police chief when Bernal was mayorwho is convicted of coercion and who, apparently, had no problems with the establishment that he is now denouncing when the Bernal government granted him the license or later when he was directed by an ex-charge of trust from Bernal in the City Council.

The PP criticizes a “dirty campaign of harassment against the mayoress”

“We believe that the PSOE and Bernal will have to give a lot of explanations on this issue, given that little after the media have scratched the surface there are many suspicious things,” said Romero, who reproached the Socialists for “every time they the elections are approaching have the same behavior: after four years without working or contributing a proposal that defends the interests of the residents of Marbella and only defending the attacks of Pedro Sánchez on the city, they undertake a dirty campaign of harassment against the mayor using the courts and muddying the image of our municipality”.

“Then, when Justice confirms the coarseness of their actions, they never ask for forgiveness, although they have had countless occasions to do so; the last time, when they accused the officials of the City Council of irregular conduct and the Prosecutor’s Office and the National Court told them that there were no indications of this; the officials and residents of Marbella and San Pedro are still waiting for their apologies”, recalled the mayor.

Finally, he assessed that “it is sad that the main opposition party has maintained this way of acting for years, that embarrasses politics at the local level and in general; It is clear that when the PSOE has governed it has been even worse and residents and visitors still remember the lack of management and the abandonment that the city suffered during the tripartite stage ”, he added.

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