The municipal spokesman and PSOE candidate for Mayor of Marbella, José Bernal, has asked the mayoress and senator, Ángeles Muñoz, this Friday to assist with parliamentary inquiry that has been initiated in the Senate of Spain through the Commission of Incompatibilities to determine if “he lied in his” declaration of assets “and violated the code of conduct in relation to his assets, for which he expects him to deliver” the documentation that has been requested.”

The socialist leader recalled that it is the first time that a procedure of this type is launched to a parliamentarian in Spain, for which he considers it “very sad” that once again the name of Marbella “is being soiled by the goings-on of its mayoress”, something that “causes embarrassment to the residents of the municipality”.

“We assume that, as you have always said, you have nothing to hide., will not have problems in Provide now all the documentation that has been requested”, Bernal said, with which it will be possible to determine “the origin of his assets, which already exceeds 15 million euros, that we know of”.

The PSOE spokesman explained that the Mayor must shed light on three concealments of assets that he has made before the Upper House and that have been “uncovered by the media.”

“Has to clarify why he hid the donation of 50% of the Hacienda Property company and also why she did not declare that she was the 100% owner of a luxury home in Sweden”, she pointed out, aspects that she corrected before the Senate in November 2022 when “her lie was discovered”.

In addition, “it must respond if it is the owner”, as the media have published, of a partnership in Sweden with which he owns a luxury home in Marbella. “We still do not know anything about this through her, since she has not even updated it in her declaration of assets after the publications appeared,” he added.

By the way, Bernal has also pointed out, it is “a good opportunity to clarify the origins of some of his assets in tax havens such as Gibraltar”. “If to her management balance, which is devastating in her 14 years of government, in this last term we add the links with alleged drug trafficking, money laundering, tax havens and doubts about her assets, the damage that Mrs. Muñoz is causing Marbella is totally unbearable”, he detailed.

Lastly, he pointed out that it is also time for Ángeles Muñoz to explain why, according to police reports, a alleged drug dealer used to come to his house for dinneran aspect that “is included in the summary and about which he has not yet said anything despite the fact that it is extremely serious” or that clarifies why, also according to the investigation, he used a security telephone to speak with his family.

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