The number three candidate PSOE from Malaga to the Congress of Deputies, isabella perezhas asked the mayoress of Marbella, angeles munoz (PP), to “stop messing around” with the groynes and he reminded him that “right now we wouldn’t have any problem if they had been done, as promised so many times, during the PP stage.”

“It is very curious that this morning Mrs. Muñoz said that she is going to ask a possible Government of Feijóo the same things that Rajoy’s man hasn’t done in seven years”, he said, and asked himself “why should the public now believe her after so many lies”.

In a statement, Pérez has indicated that it was Pedro Sanchez which, in 2019, launched the stabilization of the Beaches from Marbella, from Venus to Ancón, which the PP “had kept in a drawer” and which, since then, “has been working tirelessly” to make it a reality, just like on the coast of San Pedro Alcántara.

He explained that the current situation is that both projects are about to publish the Environmental Impact Statement, which will be the step prior to their tender to start the works, the same thing that happened a few months ago with the Baños del Carmen area. in Malaga capital.

The socialist candidate recalled that, in March 2015, Muñoz herself said, after a trip to Madrid, that the tender for the beaches in the center of Marbella would be held before the end of that year. “It was a big lie, one more,” she added, because until 2019, after the arrival of Pedro Sánchez to the Government, the tender to write the project was not carried out, as can be seen in the Official State Gazette (BOE). She has reaffirmed “absolute commitment” of the Government of Pedro Sánchez with the municipality and that these projects “are going to be a reality very soon” once the complicated environmental procedure is completed.

Along the same lines, he stressed that the new Marbella police station It is planned by the Ministry of the Interior, but no further progress has been possible because “we are waiting for Ángeles Muñoz and the Junta to condition the accesses to the La Torrecilla plot, without which no government can do anything”. Lastly, he asked Ángeles Muñoz “instead of constantly confronting and trying to get political gain, support and collaborate, with whatever government there is, so that these projects become a reality as soon as possible, for the good of the citizens.”

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