The general secretary of the PSOE in Malaga, Daniel Pérez, assured this Saturday at a press conference that “the PP is thinking of dismissing the mayoress of MarbellaÁngeles Muñoz, for the drug trafficking and money laundering plot that devastates his environment”.

Together with the party’s Organization Secretary, José Bernal, Pérez has criticized “the complicit silence“of the ‘popular’ before an image of Marbella that “reminisces years ago in the dark days of Jesús Gil”, and that now “is punctuated by an open summary that directly relates to the family of the mayoress Ángeles Muñoz, her husband and her stepson”, she added.

In addition, it has warned about the “contradictions“In which Muñoz has fallen, such as the declaration of assets in the Senate, “which is mandatory to do so and which has now been modified, so we have been able to verify that he has properties through companies worth 12 million euros” “I want to ask the public who has a company to hide property? It is almost always someone who has something to hide “, he has pointed out in this regard.

Given this, he indicated that Ángeles Muñoz “is in a delicate situation because fear is spreading within the PP, they are frightened that Muñoz could be called under investigation, which was previously accused”, and they are waiting for that to happen “to remove her as mayor of Marbella because this situation is unsustainable“, he assured.

In addition, he specified that, “this situation places the PP against the ropesWhat’s more, at the Andalusian level, the majority it has in Parliament has been used to prevent the Minister of the Presidency from being asked what is happening in Marbella; The president of the Board has also been asked if he supports the mayoress and does not manifest himself; Elías Bendodo, who was the president of the PP in Malaga and knows Ángeles Muñoz perfectly, has also been asked, and is also incapable of showing him that public support.

“They are very serious crimes, we are talking about drug trafficking Y money laundering related to his own family”, recalled Pérez, who hopes that the PP, “instead of being silent, will be brave to separate Ángeles Muñoz so as not to continue damaging the image of Marbella”, he has sentenced.

For the socialist leader, “we are facing a situation that damages the good image of Marbella, from the PSOE we are clear that the person who can honestly face political regeneration is Pepe Bernal, who was mayor and, during the time he was in charge, showed that things can be done differently”. “He applied the policies to the majority of the citizens of Marbella and San Pedro, with Pepe Bernal we bet on a person who she knows and is from Marbella, that she is honest and that, without a doubt, will restore a good image to the city; We will continue working along these lines”, he concluded.

For his part, José Bernal thanked the provincial management for choosing Marbella to carry out this political meetingwhile pointing out that, unfortunately, our city “is right now in the national spotlight for those cases directly related to Muñoz and we are talking about drug trafficking, money laundering from drugs and criminal organization.”

Bernal has condemned the fact that “as we have learned from the media”, this plot is related to the mayor’s entourage but “there are also relations with the municipal institution itself“, for which she has urged Ángeles Muñoz once again to make the summary public, “at the disposal of the opposition and of the people of Marbella and Sampedreños”. which “would leave the matter black on white”, as she herself promised a year and a half, when her husband was arrested, despite his repeated denials in public and in private.

“She said that when the proceedings were opened, the non-involvement of her husband in or of his family would remain black on white, and now we have learned that this involvement, in the case of her husband and her stepson, supposes 25 and 27 million euros of deposit“, so” we understand that this summary has to be public to know how far the ties with Muñoz and with the city of Marbella and its institutions go, “he has influenced.

In this sense, the socialist has announced that, at the meeting of the Executive this Saturday, precisely a resolution on the image of Marbellawith the aim that “it is not deteriorated by Muñoz’s insistence on not clarifying the very serious issues that are haunting it right now.”

“The mayor has to clarify why her own direct family appears in offshore companies, why she has a wealth so high that it is not justified with the income obtained working in politics for so many years, why did he have to correct his statement in the Senate in a hurry, and why did the City Council contract works with companies that appear in the summary linked to his family through a front man, and that engaged in money laundering,” Bernal pointed out.

Finally, he has demanded from the PP “give explanations”and has indicated that today “we doubt that Muñoz herself has told the truth about this matter, to her own colleagues”, she concluded.

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