José Bernal, in full.
José Bernal, in full.

The spokesman for the Municipal Socialist Group, José Bernal, criticized today that the PP “has voted against keeping the workers in the field of Health contracted reinforcement.” The mayor has urged the Board to maintain these toilets that Right now they work in the city and will be fired tomorrow, as Moreno Bonilla has already announced.

Bernal has pointed out that the public health situation in Andalusia worsens day by day, “primary care is overwhelmed, there is a large waiting list, and many patients report very long waits to see their GP“, So” we do not understand how the Government of Moreno Bonilla has announced that these toilets will not be renewed. “

The mayor explained that the Andalusian unions themselves are against these measures, and have already announced that “not a single toilet is left over, but on the contrary the workforce should be increased by 20,000 more toilets for adequate attention in public health ”.

Bernal has pointed out that the administrations are the ones that must take measures for the common good of the population and offer quality services, which is what the taxes collected by the administrations are for: «The population must receive what they give to the institutions, improving every day public services and not cut back and mismanage public spending as the Popular Party Government is doing in the Junta«.

Likewise, he regretted that next Monday “Marbella will have fewer toilets, when the opposite should occur, hire more doctors and care personnel “, declared Bernal, who demanded that the Board of the Popular Party and the mayor herself” mediate to demand the reversal of this measure. “

On the other hand, the mayor Manuel Morales has defended the extension of the working day of school monitors who have contracts of 20 hours a week, until they reach a full day of 35 hours a week.

Morales has pointed out that it is not a simple labor claim, but is also demanded by the management teams of the centers: «The functions of these personnel are necessary to alleviate the growing bureaucratic and administrative saturation and relieve the teaching staff of other tasks, and thus be able to focus on their activity.

The mayor explained that the Ministry of Education itself details in a document signed by the general director of Teaching Staff and Human Resources, on October 30, 2020, that “it is not about analyzing center by center to see the specific needs of the themselves. The performance is of a general nature. We tend to ensure that all centers of the infant and primary education level have a full-time school monitor ”.

Morales recalled that, at the beginning of this year, the union sections signed an agreement with the Ministry, for the creation of a work table and thus analyze the needs of the centers in order to study the full-time increase of the group. Although, it has regretted that since it was established they have only met once and as of today, “It has not been reconvened”.

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