The socialist councilors of Casares, José Antonio Muñoz Pineda and Laura Ocaña Reyes, have denounced the current deteriorating situation of the Doña Julia sports facilities, mainly in the upper area of ​​this neighbourhood.

As they have indicated in a press release, “next to the soccer fields, there is a municipal building in a situation of absolute decline. The windows are all broken, as are the furniture and the few appliances that are still there, the garbage bags with bottles and beer cans flood the rooms, all the walls painted with graffiti and the video surveillance cameras, which are located outside of the facilities, they are only for decoration”.

The spokesman for the municipal socialist group, José Antonio Pineda, faced with this situation, has demanded that the government team fix these facilities as soon as possible and make them available to all residents.

“The truth is that Doña Julia, perhaps due to its distance from the busiest areas of the municipality, is in conditions of absolute abandonment. Not only the sports facilities, but the road itself to get there has problems with signage and the picnic area that was built just a few years ago is a desert. We have spent thousands of euros, which come out of the pockets of all Casareños, so that later, these works are of no use to the people”, affirms the socialist spokesman

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