The provincial deputy secretary of the PSOE, Fuensanta Lima, has demanded today in Estepona «the total and absolute presence, as it was before the pandemic ”, in primary care health centers. The petition is part of a campaign promoted by the Socialists, in which it demands that the Junta de Andalucía to restore face-to-face consultations in these centers.

Lima assures that users need the presence because «there are things that can’t wait for a phone call«, And that Health Responds« does not respond because there is a waiting list 15 days in services such as Pediatrics, “for which he has demanded that the Board” stop deceiving “citizens and restore face-to-face consultations to reduce these lists.

The socialist leader also recalled that the Government of Spain transferred to the Junta de Andalucía 1,650 million euros to reinforce health during the pandemic, so it asks the regional government to “pay attention to the medical schools and the unions,” who demand reinforcements in primary care to reduce waiting lists.

For her part, the municipal spokesperson of the PSOE, Emma molina, qualifies as “nonsense” the current telephone service system, since it is They give appointments without a specific schedule and “if you’re not on the phone all day, you miss the appointment.” Molina recalled that the situation has relatively normalized in the Private sanity and in most public places, for which he thinks that normality should also reach public health centers. The mayor also demanded that “once and for all, the Estepona Hospital is definitively opened«.

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