The general secretary of the Estepona PSOE, Emma Molina, reported this Friday that the Electoral Board of the Marbella area has considered that the Mayor of Estepona, José María García Urbanohas incurred in an alleged “election violation” for disclosing the construction and commissioning of sports facilities in Las Joyas within the framework of the Andalusian elections, while the City Council assures that it has withdrawn the aforementioned news.

Specifically, and after a complaint from the PSOE, the electoral body has estimated that “the Alderman’s visit on May 10 to sports facilities in The Jewels and the announcement of its launch through a press release from the City Council, it breaches article 50.2 of the Organic Law of the General Electoral Regime (LOREG)”, the socialist party has indicated.

According to the formation, article 50.2 of the LOREG establishes the prohibition to carry out during the electoral period “any act organized or financed, directly or indirectly, by the public authorities that contains allusions to achievements or achievements”.

The letter of the Electoral Board considers that it has been carried out “an activity to publicize the accomplishments or achievements obtained by the City Council”, specifically from the construction and commissioning of these sports facilities.

The PSOE highlights that the Electoral Board concludes that it appreciates “the existence of -alleged- electoral infraction, specifically in relation to article 50.2 of the LOREG, requiring the Estepona City Council so that in the future refrain from performing acts that contain allusions to the achievements or achievements obtainedor that use similar or similar images or expressions used in their own campaigns by any of the political entities concurrent to the elections”.

In addition, from the party they indicate that the body indicates to the Consistory that it refrain from “carrying out any act of inauguration of public works or serviceswithout prejudice to the fact that said works may come into operation.

Likewise, the electoral body also requires the Estepona City Council to “proceed to the press release withdrawal what it is about and any links to such information that work in the municipal social networks”. For this reason, Molina has asked the Estepona City Council and its mayor, José María García Urbano, “the strict compliance with electoral law and fair play“in the face of this Andalusian election campaign.

For his part, the Estepona City Council has underlined that it complies with “the decision” and has withdrawn the referred news. The Consistory defends that “the events referred to by the PSOE were framed within the municipal information offered to the media and that, in no case, were there assessments or statements by any municipal representative about the start-up of the sports courts of Las Joyas”.

“This attitude contrasts with that of the socialists of Estepona, who are continually carrying out false statements about him state of public facilities or municipal services”, They have pointed out from the City Council.

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