The Socialist Municipal Group of Estepona regrets the deterioration of municipal public services during the government of the PP, which focuses its management on favoring private interests rather than improving the quality of life of Estepona residents.

The spokesperson for the Municipal Socialist Group, Emma Molina, points out that daily residents complain about the lack of free parking, since the government team has insisted on privatizing the subsoil of the municipality to build paid parking lots, wasting the municipal patrimony .

“In his eagerness to give a postcard image of the center, the mayor, José María García Urbano, has forgotten the rest of the city. The neighborhoods and the suburbs present a total state of abandonment, with old and dirty solid waste containers and lack of cleanliness ”, Molina details.

“Nor are the rural roads cleared and the parks and gardens outside the old town are not included in the work plans of the concession company. An example of this is that in avenues such as Litoral or El Carmen, the flowers of the central median are changed, but the flowers, trees and sidewalks on the sides have not been attended for years, “they say in a statement.

“The bathrooms, changing rooms and bleachers of the San Fernando Stadium are sad. The Athletics Stadium, inaugurated just two years ago, has registered the collapse of an access staircase, the parking lot is flooded and the toilets have leaks ”, relates the spokeswoman.

“There is also a lack of maintenance and personnel in other sports facilities such as Las Viñas or Cancelada. And large infrastructures such as El Orquidario or the Felipe VI Auditorium have passed into private hands ”, they add.

The beaches are one more example of the deterioration of public services over the years of the PP government, according to Emma Molina. Of the 17 beaches in the municipality, only five have a lifeguard and rescue service this summer, which also reduces its period of action each season. “It starts late and ends early. Well, it should begin on June 15 and end in mid-September, as in the rest of the tourist towns ”, recalls the councilor.

“For yet another year the City Council has not been able to solve the problem of invasive algae. The cleaning service has not been reinforced in view of this serious inconvenience. “

“On the other hand, the government team has privatized public areas such as the Doncellla Beach road, or part of the Costa Natura nudist beach, putting particular interests before the general interest.”

“In short, a disastrous management that forgets that the priority of a city council should be to offer quality public services for all its neighbors, and not just for a few”, concludes Emma Molina.

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