The councilors of the socialist municipal group of Casares, José Antonio Muñoz Pineda and Laura Ocaña Reyes, accompanied by the general secretary of the PSOE in the town, Carlos Cañavate de León, attended a meeting last Friday morning with the residents of Drying shed to deal with the issue of paving the road to the Vereda de los Pescadores.

«The neighbors have been denouncing the abandonment by the City Council of a main road for more than five years. Currently, the rural road is completely dirt and in times of rain it becomes impassable due to the mud that forms on it,” they explain from PSOE Casares.

“The improvement of this road would not only improve access to the homes and land of the owners, but would also improve the connection between the Secadero area and Casares Pueblo, which would cause a better connection in the municipality and be able to bring visitors to Secadero, the least touristic district of the three». “If we want to fight against depopulation, we must have communication routes in good condition, otherwise it will be difficult for us to support the people who live here,” declared a neighbor.

Another problem faced in the area is the difficulty that businessmen in the area have in finding workers willing to move to the fields, due to the fact that the stones found on the road cause damage to the cars, as denounced by the socialists.

The spokesman for the socialist municipal group of Casares, Muñoz Pineda, has stated “that the United Left government team has been ignoring the residents of Secadero for many years. It is time for them to act and present the project to improve the conditioning of a road that hundreds of neighbors claim.

For his part, Carlos Cañavate affirmed that “the socialists of Casares are working so that the three population centers that make up our municipality have the same services. We do not want there to be first-class or second-class citizens in Casares, depending on where they reside”

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