The Municipal Socialist Group of Estepona has requested the convocation of an urgent extraordinary plenary session on Sierra Bermeja after the fire registered in this natural area.

In this session, the PSOE proposes that a street be dedicated to Carlos Martínez Haro, a firefighter who died in this fire, and that he be named Favorite Son of Estepona.

Secondly, the plenary recognition of the operation that participated in the extinction of the Sierra Bermeja fire: Plan Infoca, UME, Malaga Provincial Consortium, BRIF, Estepona Local Police, Estepona Civil Protection, National Police, Civil Guard. As well as the companies and volunteers who have collaborated in provisioning tasks.

On the other hand, the Socialists will ask that the Estepona City Council be prosecuted as a private prosecution at the moment in which a case is opened against the person or persons who deliberately caused this fire.

The socialist spokesperson, Emma Molina, considers that it is also necessary, and of receipt, to urge the administrations to dignify the working conditions of the workers of Infoca and the Provincial Firefighters Consortium of Malaga, “a group that we only remember when Disasters of this type occur, but they risk their lives daily for precarious salaries ”, he criticizes.

This fire has caused an ecological and economic disaster that is difficult to recover, so the PSOE of Estepona will also ask in this plenary session that administrations, regardless of their political color, get involved and mobilize, releasing specific economic items to accelerate recovery and to work on prevention. Always with the support and advice of specialized technicians in the field.

Molina adds that his party is going to demand the Estepona City Council to lead and spearhead the movement initiated by the Sierra Bermeja National Park Platform to achieve this objective.

He will also demand in plenary session that the government team recover the green brigade and the green patrol that were in charge of the surveillance, control and cleaning of the rural area and the public forest.

Finally, it will propose that a mural be made to recognize the operation that participated in the extinction of the Sierra Bermeja fire.

Molina acknowledges that he is aware that his group does not have enough quorum to request the convocation of an extraordinary and urgent plenary session, according to the Local Government Law, but trusts that “the importance of the matter, the serious consequences generated by this fire in the municipality and the meaning of the issues to be dealt with, they will not make the mayor doubt their convocation, which is the one who has the power to do so ”, he concludes.

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