The spokesman for the Municipal Socialist Group in the Marbella City Council, José Bernal, announced today that the PSOE will demand in the next plenary session a new aid plan for the self-employed and SMEs with amounts not exhausted this year.

For this, he points out that a budgetary modification should be promoted for direct aid in this same year 2021, which is undertaken with amounts that “have not materialized and that come from the different previous lines of aid.”

José Bernal has pointed out that the crisis “continues to make a dent today, both because restrictive measures are still in place and because of the result of the negative impact of the closure, or the decrease in revenue in the last year and a half”.

Likewise, Bernal has mentioned that the Government team announced, in April 2020, measures worth € 130 million. Among them, direct and indirect aid for the self-employed and SMEs of the municipality: “In the end, this line of funds has been limited to a minimum amount far removed from those initially announced. Aid that is being delivered right now, more than a year and a half after its announcement ”.

Since April 2020 many businesses in Marbella and San Pedro have closed, and many workers have lost their jobs. “The grants have been shortThose that have arrived have been late and their management and processing has been disastrous ”, he declared.

“We reiterate that the municipal government has been insensitive in this matter, especially when compared to other municipalities, like that of Mijas, whose aid has been substantial, limited in bureaucracy and with a departure several times higher than that of Marbella. In addition to repeating a new line of aid for this year ”, he revealed.

In the same way, Bernal insisted that an example of the “inadequate management” of the municipal government is that “the different lines of aid have not been fully covered, something incomprehensible having knowledge of the need for business in the city.”

“It is for this reason that we insist on the mismanagement that has been carried out in their processing.” As an example, of the two million grants from IBI, Bernal said, “only a small part has reached businesses, only half of the Christmas funds, and as for SMEs, a significant part was left without a destination” .

“In this way, looking for a better economic condition for the self-employed and SMEs, and taking into account the economic circumstances of the City Council, we request a budget modification to create lines of aid for SMEs and the self-employed.”

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