The general secretary of the PSOE and councilor in the Marbella City Council, Blanca Fernández, has presented a motion to the plenary session in which she asks the Government of Ángeles Muñoz to urge the Board to, through the Women’s Institute, may have a reception center for women victims of gender violence in the municipality.

Fernández explained that these centers exist at the provincial level and offer the necessary protection and support to women for their personal recovery: “We regret that in our municipality, women who are victims of this type of violence do not have this service having to move to Malaga capital with their children, in his case, to be able to escape from his aggressor ”.

The mayor has warned that as a result of the confinement caused by the COVID 19 pandemic, it has been found that many women victims of gender violence have had to stay at home with their aggressor, unable to get out of that climate of violence for not have a place to go. In this way, he considers that “it is essential to have in the municipality shelters, sheltered flats and emergency centers to be able to give a solution to these women ”.

“From the PSOE of Marbella, we understand the need for the implementation, in our municipality, of a center of this type and that it performs the functions of the centers dependent on the Andalusian Institute for Women, such as the help and protection of women victims. of gender violence and their sons and daughters but from our municipality ”.

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