The spokesman for the Municipal Socialist Group in the Marbella City Council, José Bernal, has indicated that the “Negligent economic management by the mayor, Ángeles Muñoz, condemns the municipality to a new adjustment plan, now ten years old, and has urged the councilor to report clearly on the consequences in terms of Personnel and services«.

Bernal has regretted that once again the PP government team has once again generated private debt, which was eliminated during the mandate led by the PSOE. “The mayor far from planning and foreseeing measures to face the payments for judicial sentences that the City Council must undertake, has let time go by until there is no more solution to request funds that condemn the economic future of our municipality, “he said.

Bernal also added that the government team “should notscudarse in that the Gil era is an inheritance because they already knew that, but they have not taken the necessary measures to face it and now we are faced with this problem ”.

Finally, he has urged the mayor to explain with “crystal clear” the steps that have been followed to reach this “gross negligence”, or otherwise “it will be she herself who must assume responsibilities.”

Total, municipal coffers must pay more than 16 million euros in interest, “A scandalous figure” to which someone must “respond.”, “A scandalous figure” to which someone must “answer.”

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