The former head of the Equality Delegation of the City Council during the mandate of the PSOE, Ana Leschiera, today denounced the “unfortunate” content of the guide on sexist violence edited by the current leaders of this same area, Isabel Cintado and Begoña Rueda, with the supervision of the mayor, Ángeles Muñoz.
Leschiera has pointed out the importance of creating these tools, but they must be “well developed and that the information disseminated does not go against the rights of women.”
He added that it is about “promoting messages against sexist violence”, instead of encouraging stereotypes and normalizing violence, as in this case prostitution, on which comments are made that “are aberrant” and is proposed as “a way out labor ”, something that is“ unacceptable ”.
From the PSOE, Leschiera pointed out, “we understand and support” the claims made by both Marbella Feminista, as well as other associations and recognized feminist activists in the province, and “we demand the urgent withdrawal of the guide”, as well as urging the City Council to “not defend or justify its content”, as it has done in a press release.
Leschiera has indicated that the government team’s task “is to work to detect such violence, encourage, support and encourage women to report the attacks and work to fight against the sexual exploitation to which many women are subjected.”
“It is incomprehensible that a message so contrary to these ideas is published by a public entity”, said Leschiera, who has announced that the Socialist Group “will demand responsibilities”, since the funds of the Pact have been used against the Gender Violence.

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