The spokesman for the Municipal Socialist Group in the Marbella City Council, José Bernal, yesterday demanded that the Popular Party government team “speak clearly” about the cuts that will involve the approval of the 2022-2032 Adjustment Plan for municipal coffers and specifically for two areas, Personnel and Services.

Specifically, he regretted the “lack of foresight” to reserve the funds with which to pay the judicial decisions that “It was already expected that they were going to be lost”, and stressed that now it is the Ministry of Finance, that of the Government of Pedro Sánchez, “which is going to save the situation in which the City Council finds itself.”

Bernal pointed out that the mayor, Ángeles Muñoz, “must speak clearly”, since the documentation provided explains that “there will be no bonuses, no overtime and that will be reduced in terms of personnel”.

Likewise, he advanced that extra income of five million euros in Urban Planning is also foreseen, an amount that “we will see if it is fulfilled”, as well as cuts of “two million euros in social policies”.

“They want to sell us the miracle of the loaves and fish and that with fewer resources they will continue to provide the same services, when this is something that they will not be able to fulfill.”

Jose Bernal

He went on to assure that when the PSOE had to leave the mayor’s office due to the motion of censure, the expenditure on Personnel was 139 million, while now it is 167; current expenses were 40 million and now they are 80 million.

“This is only the result of their mismanagement, we left the financial debt at zero, now we are going for 56 million, and it has been spent, among other issues, in hiring 300 people before the elections, or in allocating two million of euros for a golf tournament held in Casares ”, he concluded.

On the other hand, he demanded that the 270,000 euros destined to privatization of services of autonomic competence go to fix “once and for all the great shame that the García Lorca wall supposes”, which remain in the same conditions despite the repeated promises made by the Popular Party.

Regarding the invoices whose payment was approved yesterday, Bernal regretted that once again the City Council is assuming powers of other administrations, as is the case of assuming the School Disinfection Plan, which should have been approved and launched by the Junta de Andalucía.

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