The spokesman for the Municipal Socialist Group, José Bernal, denounced today that the Marbella City Council will celebrate next Friday, October 15, an extraordinary plenary session to carry out a credit modification that aims to face new court judgments worth almost 4.4 million euros. According to the documentation to which the socialist party has had access, among the areas from which the funds are withdrawn is that of Social Services, “from which, among other items, 180,000 euros of social emergency aid will be withdrawn.”

Likewise, the Socialists have denounced that funds will be withdrawn from games for training. “While Ángeles Muñoz announces projects of this type in press conferences and even advances that the emergency aid items will be expanded, we find that she is withdrawing those funds through the back door,” said the Socialist spokesman, José Bernal.

For its part, the Popular Party government team has responded to these statements, regretting that the PSOE questions “The need to face the payment of judicial sentences and that it intends to deceive once again” to citizens on social policies and training. The municipal spokesman, Félix Romero, stressed that the local Executive’s commitment to employment and the most vulnerable, “while the leader of the Socialists, José Bernal, spent his two years at the helm of the City Council closing soup kitchens ».

Regarding the 4.4 million euros that the City Council must pay, Bernal has pointed out that these are final sentences in the Personnel area to which the City Council is condemned: «Most of the hiring took place in 2018 ». Bernal recalled that from the PSOE “We do not share” the way in which the PP is trying to solve this issue, since there are items such as privatizations that continue to increase.

Meanwhile, from the PP they affirm that “it is surprising that the PSOE questions that the City Council should pay the payments derived from judicial decisions on personnel matters, especially when some of them touch it very closely,” Romero stressed. that he has indicated that “we suppose that his censorship does not mean that he is against assuming legality and complying with the decisions of the courts.” The councilor stressed that “what is no longer surprising is the attempt to manipulate and deceive the socialists, although it is paradoxical and embarrassing that they use the unemployed and the most disadvantaged after their negligent management before these groups when they were governing.

However, the Socialists affirm that the City Council is once again going through “a disastrous stage” in terms of public accounts, “and proof of this is that Muñoz has approved a new Adjustment Plan that will determine the economic future of the municipality.” Likewise, Bernal has ensured that the PSOE eliminated the financing debt and with the PP has returned “and through the big door”, “which will be a slab for the next financial years.”

Romero, for his part, from the City Council, has assured that «Bernal knows perfectly well that the budget transfer to pay these judicial sentences does not compromise the training policies for employment or the social sphere, which must be remembered that they are the most important that they have never been managed in this City Council thanks to the commitment of our Government team ». «We would have liked the residents of Marbella and San Pedro for the Socialists to have worked in this line when they were in charge of the Mayor’s Office, but instead they lost subsidies in training matters and took them away from the aid collectives to the most needy, even causing soup kitchens to be closed “, highlighted the spokesman, who added that”the PSOE is not entitled to give management lessons when everyone knows the abandonment suffered by this city and its neighbors during his tenure.

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