The PSOE candidate for Mayor, José Bernal, together with Adrián Jiménez, number 9 of the candidacy, have presented this Friday the program with which the Socialists will compete in the next municipal elections in the environmental section, and which go through promoting a Municipal ecological transition agency to make the city a reference in this area.

Jiménez has indicated that members of the candidacy have also participated in the preparation of this program “outstanding Andalusian university professors who have contributed their knowledge from a transversal and integrating perspective”.

The socialist has pointed out that the PSOE plans boost agency municipal ecological transition which will be the one that will lead the transformation of our municipality into a benchmark sustainable city.

“The first thing we’re going to do is adhere to the Aalbord agreementsAlthough it may seem surprising, Marbella is one of the few Spanish cities that is not, in the commitment to adopt the measures contemplated and recommended by the European Green Pact and the 2030 Agenda of the UN, and that we can be a benchmark as a European Green City” , has declared.

Among the short and medium-term measures that we are addressing, it is worth noting, he has indicated that “we will promote a special protection plan for wild flora and faunawith special focus on our habitats of community interest and their interconnection with the spaces of the Natura 2000 network”.

In addition, “we will implement the use of clean and alternative energy, photovoltaic solar energy is the great absence in our municipality. Our mild microclimate presents a sea of ​​opportunities in this area, we enjoy an inexhaustible renewable resource that we are not taking advantage of”, he pointed out.

To do this, “we will bet on installing photovoltaic solar panels on flat roofs, integrated into the landscape, in our municipal buildings; This measure would allow us to mitigate the impact of 7 million euros per year on our electricity bill and reduce significant amounts of tons of CO2 from the atmosphere”, he pointed out.

Grid of mini photo stations with solar trees

At the same time, he has made it clear that “we will create a network of mini photo stations with the so-called solar trees at strategic points in our municipality free of charge, together with energy saving and efficiency measures, betting on self-consumption, which contributes to improving sustainable mobility and the use of electric urban mobility vehicles specially designed to overcome the topographic unevenness of our city which will have a special impact on the health of the population since it will facilitate the practice of sports for those who live at the northernmost ends of the promenade after their sports practice”.

In addition, he has indicated that the PSOE will advocate for the transformation and modernization of our industrial estates with the creation of communities of self-consumption users of energy, through their roofs, financed with public-private instruments, which would allow existing activities to save more than 15 million euros per year, and which will serve as a pole of attraction for companies that consume green energy.

These measures “will contribute to reaching a neutral carbon footprintand from the local we contribute to climate change, building a sustainable and healthy city in environmental terms, but also economic” in Marbella, he remarked.

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