The spokesman for the PSOE in Marbella, José Bernal, has considered that the hiring of the City Council as advisors and positions of trust to representatives of social groups as the Association of emerged breakwaters “distorts” the group, as well as defending the need to develop stabilization projects of the coastline.

This is how the socialist has assessed it after learning of the hiring as an advisor by the government team of the Vice President of the Association of Emerged Breakwaters for MarbellaPaco Claro, to execute the housing plan of the Junta de Andalucía in the city, although he has clarified that the local executive “has power” for it and the Popular Party (PP) as a government hires those it deems appropriate”.

Despite this, Bernal has considered that with the hiring of Paco Claro or the president of said group, José Miguel Lima -which has ensured that it is a “trusted position” of the local government- “an association such as that of the emerged breakwaters is put into questionwhich was born from the impulse of civil society”.

Regarding the demands of the group, which demands the stabilization of the coastline with the construction of groynes on the beaches of Marbella and San Pedro Alcántara, has assessed that in the city “it is a clear need that brings together several sectors of the population”, labeling it as “fair”.

“When the president is a position of trust of the Popular Party, paid by the City Council, like the vice-president, what they are doing is distorting the work of the association and they are also transferring a negative image, converting a just and necessary claim into a politicized action”, the socialist has valued.

On the other hand, he stressed that if “the Popular Party hires these people from the City Council, it is a internal matter on which he will have to give explanations as to whether they are the most appropriate for citizens, we are not going to go into that”, but he has clarified that if they “have a direct relationship with a social and citizen movement they are transmitting an image of politicization that it is not good for Marbella, it is not good for the associative movement and not even for the government team”.

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